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Diocese of Mymensingh

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Religious Congregations, Societies and Institutes

Religious Institutes of Men

  • Congregation of Holy Cross Brothers ~ CSC :Foundation Date: 1837
    Arrival in Mymensingh Diocese: 2005
    Provincial: Bro. Harold Bijoy Rodrigues, CSC
    Address: Provincial House
    97, Asad Avenue
    G.P.O Box-2152
    Mohammedpur, Dhaka-1207
    Phone: (02) 00888129814 (Residence), 9122924 (Office)
    Mob: 01711839970
    E-mail: [email protected]

    Stationed at: Biroidakuni High School
    P.O Rangrapara, Haluaghat
    Br. Deneil Rozario Bhavan
    P.O Rangrapara, Haluaghat
  • Congregation of Holy Cross ~ CSC :Popularly Known as "Holy Cross Fathers"
    Foundation Date: 1837 (France)
    Arrival in the Archdiocese of Dhaka: 1853
    Provincial: Father James C. Cruze, CSC
    Address: Block No. B - 28, Road No. 3 Banashree Prokalpo,
    Rampura Dhaka - 1219, Bangladesh
    Phone: +88 02 728-7228

    Stationed at:
    Corpus Christi Church, Jalchatra
    P.O. Jalchatra, Dist. Tangail- 1996
    Mobile: +8801715091093

    St. George’s Church, Mariamnagor
    P.O. Dudhnoi, Dist. Sherpur- 2120
    Mobile: +880171348537, +8801715763965

    St. Paul’s Church, Pirgacha
    P.O. Pirgacha, Dist. Tangail- 1996
    Mobile: +880171348537

    Christ the King Church, Dorgachala, P.O. Babuler Bazar
    Dist. Mymensingh- 2200
    Mobile: +8801715036416
  • Maryknoll Missionaries ~ MM :Popularly Known as "Maryknoll Fathers"
    Foundation Date: 1911 (USA)
    Arrival in the Archdiocese: 1975
    Co-ordinator: Fr. William J. McIntire, MM
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Address: Box 2399, Dhaka – 1000

    Stationed at: Bishop’s House
    P.O. Box 37, Bhatikashore
    Mymensingh 2200
  • Salesian Society of Don Bosco :Popularly known as “Salesians Fathers”

    Foundation date: (1859)
    E-mail: [email protected]
    Via della Pisana 1111 (C.P. 18.333), 00163 Roma-Bravetta, Italia

    SALESIANS OF DON BOSCO (SDB) – Kolkata Province
    Provincial: Father Thoma Ellicherail, SDB
    Provincial Office
    Address: 52A, R.N. Chowdhury Road
    Kolkata 700015, West Bengal, India
    Stationed at: Catholic Church/Don Bosco Center, Utrail
    P.O. Birisiri, P.S. Durgapur
    Dist. Netrakona – 2420
    Mobile No: 01820829500
    E-mail: [email protected]
    E-mail: [email protected]
    E-mail: [email protected]
  • Society of St. Francis Xavier For Foreign Missions ~ SX :Popularly Known as "Xaverian Fathers"
    Foundation Date: 1898 (Italy)
    Arrived in the Diocese of Khulna: 1952
    Arrived in the Diocese of Mymensingh: 1988
    Regional Superior: Father Regional Superior : Fr. Mimmo Pietanza, SX
    Address: Xaverian Fathers
    G.P.O. Box - 59, Boyra, Dist. Khulna - 9000

    Stationed at: Noluakuri
    P.O. Seedstore, Dist. Mymensingh – 2240

    Bishop’s House:
    Box 37, Bhatikashor
    Mymensingh 2200

Religious Institutes of Women

  • Association of Mary, Queen of Apostles~SMRA : Popularly Known as "Toomiliah Sisters"
    Foundation Date: 1933 (Dhaka)
    Mother House: St. Mary's Convent, Toomiliah
    P.O. Kaliganj, Dist. Gazipur - 1720, Bangladesh
    Sister General: Sr. Mary Anita Pereira, SMRA

    Stationed at: St. George’s Convent, Mariamnagar
    P.O. Dudhnoi, Dist. Sherpur - 2120

    St. Joseph’s Convent, Ranikhong
    P.O. Ranikhong, Dist. Netrakona - 2420

    Kumudini Hospital
    P.O. Mirzapur, Dist. Tangail – 2940

    Christ the King Church, Dorgachala
    P.O. Babuler Bazar, Dist. Mymensingh-2200
  • Congregation of Daughter of Jesus ~ F. I. :oundation date: 1871
    Address: Via S. Giovanni
    Della Croce, 41
    00166 ROMA
    Arrival in Mymensingh Diocese: 2007

    Stationed at: St. Candida Convent, Utrail
    P.O Birisiri, Dist. Netrakona-2420
    Local Superior: Sr. Mary F.I
    E-mail: [email protected]

    Songsul Noksul Bimang Ongatani Jatchi (Social Formation Centre)
    P.O. Box 37, Bhatikashore
    Mobile No: 01731818584
  • Congregation of Our Lady of the Missions (RNDM) :Popularly known as “RNDM Sisters”

    Foundation Date: 1861
    Arrival in Mymensingh Diocese:2007
    Sister Provincial: Sister Probha Mary Karmokar RNDM
    Address: RNDM Provincialate
    24, Asad Avenue
    Mohammedpur, Dhaka-1207
    Telephone: (02) 9122320
    Fax: (02) 9121156
    E-mail: [email protected]

    Stationed at: St. Clare’s Convent, Jhaljhalia (2008)
    Vill. Jhaljhalia
    P.O. Baghaitola
    Dt. Mymensingh- 2260
  • Congregation of the Sisters of the Holy Cross ~ CSC :Popularly known as "Holy Cross Sisters"
    Foundation Date: 1841
    Arrival in Bengal : 1853
    Area Coordinator: Sister Violet Vincentia Rodrigues, CSC
    Address: Sisters of the Holy Cross
    1, Holy Cross Road
    Tejgaon, Dhaka - 1215
    Telephone: 911-0493
    Fax & Phone: 912-9600
    E-mail: [email protected]

    Stationed at: Corpus Christi Convent, Jalchatra
    P.O. Jalchatra, Dist. Tangail-1996
    Mobile: 0171-50-87-092

    St. Paul’s Convent, Pirgacha
    Vill. & P.O. Pirgacha, Dist. Tangail-1996
    Mobile No (Parish): 090-288-7110 / 0171-300-35-23
  • Missionaries of Charity ~ MC :Popularly known as "Blessed Mother Teresa Sisters"
    Foundation Date: 1950
    Provincial Superior: Sister Olivet, MC
    Address : Shishu Bhavan
    26, Islampur Road, Amputty
    Phone: (02) 7391116

    Stationed at: Maria Premaloya, Jalchatra (2006)
    P.O. Jalchatra, Dt. Tangail 1996
    Local Superior: Sister Bondita, MC
  • Poor Clares of Perpetual Adoration ~ PCPA :Popularly Known as "Monastery Sisters"
    Foundation Date: 1854
    Mother Prioress: Sr. Mary Elizavth, PCPA
    Arrival in Dhaka: 1933
    Arrival in
    Mymensingh: 1967

    Address: St. Michael’s Adoration Monastery, Bhatikashore
    P.O. Mymensingh Town
    Mymensingh - 2200
    Telephone: (091) 67832
    Mobile No: 01715566085
    E-mail: [email protected]
  • Salesian Sisters of Mary Immaculate ~ SSMI :Popularly known as "Salesian Sisters"
    Foundation Date: 1889
    Arrival in Mymensingh: 1928
    Provincial superior: Sister Mary Jacinta Mrong, SSMI
    Holy Family Convent
    P.O. Mymensingh Town
    Mymensingh - 2200
    Telephone: (091) 64325
    Fax No: (091) 61124
    E-mail: [email protected]

    Stationed at: St. Joseph’s Convent, Bhalukapara
    P.O. Ghosegaon
    Dist. Mymensingh - 2420

    Mary Immaculate Convent, Biroidakuni
    P.O. Rangrapara
    Dist. Mymensingh - 2260

    St. Raphael’s Convent, Baromari
    P.O. Baromari, Dist. Sherpur - 2111

    St. Martha’s Convent, Baluchora
    P.O. Baluchora, Dist. Netrakona - 2420

    Holy Angel’s Convent, Noluakuri (2001)
    P.O. Seedstore, Dist. Mymensingh - 2200
    E-mail: [email protected]

    Salesian Formation House
    Mymensingh - 2200
    Telephone: (091) 65496
    Mobile No: 0172-00-49-723
    E-mail: [email protected]
  • Sisters of Charity of St. Bartolomea Capitano and Vicenza Gerosa ~ SC : Popularly known as "Maria Bambina Sisters"
    Provincial Superior: Sr. Rina Lilian Gomes, SC
    Address: Capitanio Convent, Asad Avenue
    Mohammedpur, Dhaka - 1207
    Phone: (02) 8113007

    Stationed at: Probhater Tara Convent, Boruakona (1998)
    P. O. Boruakona, Dist. Netrakona-2420
    Mobile No: 0171-21-91-455

    St. Anne’s Convent
    Mymensingh (2002)
    P. O. Mymensingh Town
    Dist. Mymensingh - 2200
    Mobile No: 0171-62-66-537

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