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Diocese of Daming

Bishop Joseph Sun Jigen
Bishop Sun Jigen
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Bishop Joseph Sun Jigen
Catholic Mission, Bishop's House,
Daming, Hebei, China

Joseph Sun Jigen was born on August 2, 1967, in Fengfeng Mining District of the city of Handan, Hebei. He completed his secondary education from the High School of Yijing Town, and began his theological studies in September 1988, at Hebei Catholic Theological and Philosophical College. He graduated in August 1992. Three years later, in 1995, he was ordained priest by Bishop Chen Bailu, the then Bishop of Daming. Father Sun Jigen was appointed the Coadjutor Bishop of the Roman Catholic Diocese of Yongnian in 2007, by the Holy See. He was ordained bishop of the Diocese of Daming, with a Papal Mandate, on June 21, 2011.

Previous Ordinaries:

  • Bishop John Han Dingxiang - not recognized by Chinese government (1989-2007)
  • Bishop Peter Chen Bolu (1982-1999)
  • Bishop Wang Shouqian (1958-1964)
  • Bishop Cui Shou Xun (1929-1951)
  • Bishop Stephen Xiangtai Yang (-)
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