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Diocese of Tianjin

Bishop Melchior Shi Hongzhen
Bishop Shi Hongzhen
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Bishop Melchior Shi Hongzhen
Catholic Mission,
Laosikai, Tianjin,
Hebei, China

Bishop Melchior Shi Hongzhen of Tianjin was born on January 7, 1929. He was ordained priest on July 4, 1954. Bishop Stephano Li Side of the underground church, on June 15, 1982, secretly ordained Father Shi Hongzhen and another priest as Coadjutor Bishops of the Diocese of Tianjin. Melchior Shi Hongzhen succeeded Bishop Li Side, to become the Bishop of Tianjin on June 8, 2019.

Previous Ordinaries:

  • Bishop Shi Hongchen of the open Church community (1982 Ordained; March 3, 2005 Died)
  • Father Alphonsus Tchao, C.M. (Apostolic Administrator, Feb 13, 1953 Appointed)
  • Bishop John Zhang of Zhaoxian, C.M. (Apostolic Administrator of Tianjin, 1951- Feb 13, 1953)
  • Bishop Jean de Vienne de Hautefeuille, CM (July 12, 1923 Appointed - June 14, 1951 Retired; Sept. 21, 1957 Died)
  • Bishop Paul-Marie Dumond, CM (April 27, 1912 Appointed - July 21, 1920 Resigned; Feb. 19, 1944 Died)
  • Bishop Stephen Side Li (-)
  • Bishop Melchior Hongzhen Shi (-)
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