In Memories of Two Cardinals in Asia

Cardinal Cheong
Cardinal Sim

The Church in Asia lost two cardinals in less than two months this year.

Cardinal Cornelius Sim, a new cardinal in Asia and the first of Brunei, died on May 29. He was 69.

Cardinal Nicholas Cheong Jin-suk, 89, former archbishop of Seoul and president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Korea, passed away on April 27.

More about the lives of Cardinal Sim and Cardinal Cheong
and the Churches in Brunei and South Korea, of which their missions were dedicated to.

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Slavery In Asia
Slavery In Asia
Slavery In Asia

Diocese of Xianxian

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Bishop Joseph Liangui Li
Bishop  Li
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Bishop Joseph Liangui Li
c/o Zhangzhuang Dazhangzhuang Catholic Church,
Xianxian county, Cangzhou,
Hebei 062250, China

Phone: +86 317 463 10 84

Bishop Joseph Li Liangui is the Vatican-appointed and government-approved ordinary of the open Church in Cangzhou (Xianxian) Diocese, in Hebei province, northern China. He was ordained on March 20, 2000, at the age of 36 by then-retired Jesuit Bishop John Liu Dinghan of Cangzhou. Co-ordainers were Bishop Petrus Fan Wenxing and Auxiliary Bishop Mathias Chen Xilu, both of neighboring Hengshui diocese, also in Hebei. Around 1,000 Catholics attended the liturgy.

Bishop Li, born into a fervent Catholic family in 1964, was ordained a priest in 1991. He had been rector of Cangzhou diocesan preparatory minor seminary and vice rector of Hebei Provincial Seminary in Shijiazhuang. Since in 1999, Vatican-approved Bishop Peter Hou Jingwen of Cangzhou died in a traffic accident, Bishop Li was recalled from Hebei seminary to deal with diocese matters.

In 2000, Bishop Li began to rebuild the cathedral, which was completed three years later.

In 2006, he officiated at the cathedral the ceremony of commemorating the 150th anniversary of the diocese. About 5,000 Catholics participated.

Previous Ordinaries:

  • Bishop Peter Hou Jingwen (died in 1999)
  • Bishop Peter Hou Jingwen (1998 - 1999)
  • Bishop John Liu Dinghan (1986 to 2003 )
  • Bishop John Liu Dinghan (1982 - 1998)
  • Bishop Francis Xavier Zhao Zhen-sheng (Chao Cheng-sheng), S.J. † (1937 - 1970)
  • Bishop Henri Lécroart, S.J. † (1919 - 1936)
  • Bishop Henri Maquet, S.J. † (1901 - 1919)
  • Bishop Henri-Joseph Bulté, C.M. † (1880 - 1900)
  • Bishop Edouard-Auguste Dubar, S.J. † (1864 - 1878)
  • Bishop Adrien-Hyppolyte Languillat, S.J. † (1856 - 1864)

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