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Archdiocese of Tokyo

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Auxiliary Bishop Andrea Lembo
Bishop Lembo
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Auxiliary Bishop Andrea Lembo
Archbishop's House,
Sekiguchi 3-16-15, Bunkyo-ku,
Tokyo 112-0014, Japan

Phone: (03)3943-2301
Fax :3944-8511

Pope Francis appointed Father Andrea Lembo as auxiliary bishop of Tokyo diocese on Sept. 16, 2023.

At the time of appointment, he was serving as the head of the Milan Foreign Mission Society's East Asia Region .

Bishop Lembo was born in Lombardy in Italy on May 23, 1974.He was ordained as a priest in Milan diocese on June 12, 2004, and came to Japan in 2009.

He served as assistant priest of Itabshi Church from April 2011 to March 2012 and was assistant priest of Narashina Church from April 2012 to March 2017.

From April 2014 to February 2021, he was elected as general vice-chairman of Funabashi Learning Center, "Galile.”

Bishop Lembo served as chief priest of Fuchu Church from April 2017 to March 2023.

Previous Ordinaries:

  • Bishop James Kazuo Koda (29 Nov 2004 to 23 Jun 2018)
  • Archbishop Peter Takeo Okada (17 Feb 2000 Appointed - 25 Oct 2017 Retired)
  • Bishop Paul Kazuhiro Mori (1985-2000)
  • Auxiliary Bishop Paul Kazuhiro Mori (1984 - 2000)
  • Archbishop Peter Seiichi Cardinal Shirayanagi (1970-2000; 1994-2009 Cardinal)
  • Archbishop Peter Tatsuo Cardinal Doi (1937-1970; 1960-1970 Cardinal)
  • Archbishop Jean-Baptiste-Alexis Chambon, M.E.P. (1927-1937)
  • Archbishop Jean-Pierre Rey, M.E.P. (1912-1927)
  • Archbishop Francis Bonne, M.E.P. (1910-1912)
  • Archbishop Pierre-Xavier Mugabure, M.E.P. (1906-1910)
  • Archbishop Pierre-Marie Osouf, M.E.P. (1876-1906; 1876-1891 Vicar Apostolic, 1891-1906 Archbishop)

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