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Archdiocese of Chongqing

Bishop Joseph Hou Guoyong
Bishop Hou Guoyong
Bishop Joseph Hou Guoyong
Catholic Mission, Chongqing,
Sichuan, China

Joseph Hou Guoyong (Guoyang) was born in 1922, and was ordained priest in 1951. Father Hou Guoyong was ordained the Bishop of the Archdiocese of Chongqing on October 8, 1989.

Previous Ordinaries:

  • Bishop Shi Mingliang (Ordained 1963 without papal mandate; Died 1978)
  • Bishop Simon Liu Zongyu (Born 1916; Ordained 1981 without papal mandate; Died 1992)
  • Bishop Peter Luo Beizhan (Born 1911; Ordained 1993; Died 2001)
  • Bishop Louis Jantzen, MEP (Born 1885; Ordained 1925-1950; Died 1953)
  • Bishop Célestin-Félix-Joseph Chouvellon, MEP (Born 1849; Ordained 1891-1924; Died 1924)
  • Bishop Eugène-Paul Coupat, MEP (Born 1842; Ordained 1883-1890; Died 1890)
  • Archbishop Eugène-Jean-Claude-Joseph Desflèches, MEP (Born 1814; Ordained 1842-1883; Died 1887)
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