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The Pontificate - Contribute to help UCA News

Diocese of Thanh Hoa

Activities and Organizations

Catholic Educational Institutions

  • Centers for people with physical disabilities, lepers, students:
  • Nurseries:
  • Pre-primary schools:

Catholic Social Welfare

  • Health care centers:

Major Diocesan Commissions and Organizations

  • Charitable and Social Actions:
    In-Charge: Father Anthony Trinh Dinh Thieu
  • Clergy and Seminarians:
    In-Charge: Father Joseph Vu Thanh Long
  • Cultural Affairs:
    In-Charge: Father Joseph Pham Van Que
  • Doctrine for Faith :
    In-Charge: Father Paul Nguyen Ngoc Ngan
  • Evangelization:
    In-Charge: Father Joseph Pham Van Nhan
  • Holy Music:
    In-Charge: Father Brother Paul Le Tien Nhat
  • Liturgy:
    In-Charge: Brother Peter Ngo Van Phuc
  • Religious:
    In-Charge: Sister Marie Le Thi Chuyen
  • Social Communication:
    In-Charge: Father Joseph Nghiem Van Son
  • The Laity :
    In-Charge: Father Paul Trinh Quang Tinh
  • Youths and College Students:
    In-Charge: Father Peter Nguyen Cao Vinh
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