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Diocese of Kon Tum

Activities and Organizations

Catholic Educational Institutions

  • Day care centers:
  • Day care centers--Students:
  • Hostels :
  • Hostels--Students:
  • Vocational training centers:
  • Vocational training centers--Students:

Catholic Social Welfare

  • Centers for elderly, disabled people, orphans:
  • Centers for lepers:
  • Dispensaries:

Major Diocesan Commissions and Organizations

  • Commission for Charity and Social Actions:
    Director: Father Peter Nguyen Van Dong
  • Commission for Culture:
    Director: Father Joachim Nguyen Hoang Son
  • Commission for Doctrine of the Faith:
    Director: Father Paul Dau Van Hong
  • Commission for Holy Arts:
    Director: Father Paul Nguyen Duc Huu
  • Commission for Holy Music:
    Director: Father Jerome Le Dinh Hung
  • Commission for Liturgy:
    Director: Joseph Do Hieu
  • Commission for Religious:
    Director: Father Nicolas Vu Ngoc Hai
  • Commission for the Laity:
    Director: Father Thomas Nguyen Van Thuong
  • Commission for Vocation Promotion:
    Director: Thomas Nguyen Van Thuong
  • Commission for youths:
    Director: Father Francis Xavier Le Tien

Other Church Organizations and Associations

  • Children of the Eucharist:
    Spiritual Director: Father Paul Nguyen Van Cong
  • Legion of Mary:
    Spiritual Director: Father Joseph Pham Minh Cong
  • Yao Phu (ethnic minority lay missioners):
    Spiritual Director: Father Joseph Nguyen Thanh Lien

Social Communications

  • In-charge: Father Bartholomew Nguyen Dinh Phuoc
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