Join the Global Prayer for China May 23-30

Myanmar’s Cardinal Charles Bo, president of the Federation of Asian Bishops’ Conferences, urges the faithful to extend the annual Worldwide Day of Prayer for the Church in China - the Feast of Our Lady Help of Christians on May 24 - to a week of prayer to protect all humanity and the dignity of each and every person in China.

Join the Global Week of Prayer for the Church and Peoples of China.

Learn more about the Church in China.

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Archdiocese of Taipei

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Activities and Organizations

Catholic Educational Institutions

  • Colleges and Universities:
  • Colleges and Universities-Students:
  • Hostels:
  • Hostels-Students:
  • Kindergartens:
  • Kindergartens-Students:
  • Middle Schools:
  • Middle Schools-Students:
  • Primary Schools:
  • Primary Schools-Students:
  • Technical Schools:
  • Technical Schools-Students:

Catholic Social Welfare

  • Clinics:
    1 (23,010)
  • Homes for the Aged:
    5 (26,375)
  • Hospitals:
    4 (beneficiaries: 1,581,090)
  • Orphanages:
    1 (125)
  • Retarded Children Centers:
    5 (650)

Major Diocesan Commissions and Organizations

  • Censors
  • Commission for Christian Unity and Inter-religious Dialogue
  • Commission for Clergy
  • Commission for Construction
  • Commission for Diocesan Finance
  • Commission for Indigenous People Apostolate
  • Commission for Promotion of Vocations
  • Commission for Social Apostolate
  • Commission for the Family
  • Consultants for Administration and Development of Diocesan Properties
  • Liturgical Commission
  • Pastoral and Evangelization Commission
  • Pontifical Societies
  • Ye Sheng Evangelical Group

Social Communications

  • Catholic Weekly:
  • Other mass media and publishers:
    Branch Studium Biblicum (OFM)
    St. Paul's Books & Media Center
    Wisdom Mass Media Center (FSP)
    Liturgical Apostolate Center (website:www.pddm.org)
    Salesiana Publishers
    Biblical Bi-monthly
    Witness Magazine (website: www.catholic.org.tw/witness)
    Constantinian Magazine (website: www.cdd.org.tw/hengyee)
    Commissarita of Holy Land John Duns Scotus Bible Reading Promotion Center (website: www.ccreadbible.org)
    Renlai Monthly (website: www.riccibase.com)
    Franciscan Gabriel Printing Co. Ltd.
    One Spirit
    Kuangchi Cultural Group (website: www.kcg.org.tw)
    Beatitudes Press
    Correspondence Course Center in Catholic Bible and Religion
    Audiovisual services: 2 (Kuangchi Program Service)
    St. Paul's Books & Media Center -- AV Department
    Radio Stations: Yishih Broadcasting Station

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