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Diocese of Talibon

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Activities and Organizations

Other Church Organizations and Associations

  • Catholic Women's League:
    In-Charge: Father Silvano Evangelista
  • Legion of Mary:
    In-Charge: Msgr. Julio L. Renegado, HP and Father Mario M. Ombao

Catholic Educational Institutions

  • Colleges:
  • Colleges - Students:
  • Primary Schools:
  • Primary Schools - Students:
  • Secondary Schools:
  • Secondary Schools - Students:
    Holy Child Academy (F-1949)
    Address: Ubay, 6315 Bohol, Philippines
    Director: Father Rimar Mabanag
    Principal: Sr. Ma. Elvira Lasaca, MCSH

    Holy Child Academy (F-1968)
    Address: Bien Unido, 6326 Bohol, Philippines
    Director: Father Jonas Redulla
    Principal: Sr. Ma. Lucy Acupan, DST

    Holy Child Academy (F-1968)
    Address: President Garcia, 6346 Bohol, Philippines
    Director: Father Ranulfo Bernaldez
    Principal: Sr. Joy Marie Bagcat, DST

    Holy Infant Academy (F-1969)
    Address: Anda, 6311 Bohol, Philippines
    Director: Father Jonathan Pacudan
    Principal: Ms. Feliberta F. Bolusa

    Immaculate Academy (F-1961)
    Address: Duero, 6309 Bohol, Philippines
    Director: Father Asterio Felisilda
    Principal: Mr. Eduardo B. Wapanio

    St. Anthony's Academy (F-1948)
    Address: Carmen, 6319 Bohol, Philippines
    Director: Father Jose Perez
    Principal: Sr. Ma. Julieta Roferos, DST

    St. Isidore Academy (F-1968)
    Address: Trinidad, 6324 Bohol, Philippines
  • Kindergarten:
  • Kindergarten - Students:

Catholic Social Welfare

  • Retreat house:
    Address: Missionary Sisters of Christ the King Retreat House
    Bagacay, Talibon, 6325 Bohol. Philippines
    Phone: +63 38 515-0327
    Superior: Sr. Susie Kuan, MCR

Major Diocesan Commissions and Organizations

  • Bible Apostolate:
    Chairman: Father Alexander Auxtero; Father Gregorio Mendez
  • Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement:
    In-Charge: Father Eusebio Soliano
  • Commission on Church Cultural Heritage:
    In-Charge: Father Adolfo E. Dagohoy Jr. and Father Raul F. Cuyag
  • Commission on Church Properties:
    In-Charge: Father Jesus Frederick Camacho and Mrs. Bienvenida Sarce
  • Commission on Sacred Liturgy:
    In-Charge: Father Antonio B. Tutor Jr., Father Jonas M. Redulla
  • Commission on Sacred Music:
    In-Charge: Father Nazario E. Tiempo Jr., Father Dioszalde A. Cutas
  • Commission on Youth:
    In-Charge: Father Avelino Plete and Sr. Neomi Mendoza, FdCC
  • Diocesan Catechetical Apostolate:
    In-Charge: Father Eutemio B. Espina, Father Jonel LogroƱo, Sr. Ma. Antonina B. Galamiton, MCSH
  • Family and Life Apostolate:
    In-Charge: Father Alberto Makinano Jr., Sr. Francisca Felicilda, FdCC
  • Ongoing Formation of the Clergy:
    In-Charge: Msgr. Orencio Jubac, Father Jesus Frederick C. Camacho, Father Jonathan D. Pacudan, Father Leonilo Lopena
  • Pontifical Mission Societies:
    In-Charge: Father Leonilo Lopena
  • Social Action:
    In-Charge: Father Chito Lozada
  • Vocations:
    In-Charge: Father Ariel Lantaca

Social Communications

  • no office

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