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Archdiocese of Lipa

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Activities and Organizations

Catholic Educational Institutions

  • High Schools:
  • High Schools - Students:
  • Colleges:
  • Colleges - Students:
  • Elementary Schools:
  • Elementary Schools- Students:
  • Kindergarten:
  • Kindergarten - Students:
  • Pastoral centers:

Major Diocesan Commissions and Organizations

  • Diocesan Curia - Pastoral Section:
    Archdiocesan Pastoral Center
    Archdiocesan Council of the Laity
    Commission on Youth
    Commission on Vocation
    Commission on Family Life Apostolate
    Archdiocesan Liturgical Commission
    Committee on Liturgical Music
    Committee on Church Construction
    Lipa Archdiocesan Historical Commission
    Commission on Clergy
    Commission on Social Communications
    Broadcast Apostolate
    Information Technological Committee
    Lipa Archdiocesan Biblical Apostolate Commission
    Lipa Archdiocesan Social Action Commission (LASAC)
    Lipa Archdiocesan Ecological Concerns Office (LAECO)
  • Organizations, Foundations, and Directors:
    Directors of Archdiocesan Owned Schools
    Father Carlo Magno Ilagan
    Father Ricardo Panganiban
    Father Bernard Aguila
    Father Glenn Cantos
    Father Miguel Samaniego
    Father Armando Lubis
    Priests' Foundation
    Monsignor Alfredo Madlangbayan, Monsignor Rafael Oriondo, Father Ernesto Mandanas, Jr., Monsignor Alberto Boongaling, Father Ricardo Panganiban, Father Bartolome Villafranca, Father Carmelo Gozos, Father Virgilio Hernandez
    Pastoral Care for Migrants and Overseas Workers and Missions
    Chairman: Father Joselin C. Gonda
    Archdiocesan Confraternity of Christian Doctrine
    Director: Father Joseph Mendoza
    Pontifical Mission Societies
    Director: Father Joselin Gonda

Catholic Social welfare

  • Catechetical centers:
  • Children's Home - (An orphanage run by Sisters Oblates of the Holy Spirit):
    Address: 4208 Labac, Taal, Batangas, Philippines
    Phone: (63) 43-421-1114
    (Note: Other data not yet available)
  • Retreat houses:
  • Social action centers:
  • Youth centers:

Social Communications

  • Commission on Social Communications:
    Broadcast Apostolate
    Director: Father Ildefonso Dimaano
    Radio Station: (DWAM) - CMN 99.1 Spirit FM
    Address: Basilica Site, Batangas City, Philippines
    Phone: (63) 43-723-3956, (63) 43-723-1842, (63) 43-980-1377
    Fax: (63) 43-980-1378
    Email: [email protected]

    Print Apostolate
    1) Pater Putativus Publishing House
    General Manager: Father Ricardo Panganiban
    Board of Directors: Archbishop Ramon Arguelles, Father Ildefonso Dimaano, Father Leonido Dolor, Father Antonio Mendoza, Father Gerard Jonas Palmares, Father Ricardo Panganiban, Father Miguel Samaniego
    Address: Family Life Building, Villa San Jose, Marawoy, 4217 Lipa City, Batangas, Philippines
    Phone: (63) 43-756-2410, (63) 43-312-2410

    2) Ulat Batangan Newsletter
    Priest-In-Charge: Father Oscar Andal
    Staff: Monina Silva

    Audio-Visual Committee
    Chairman: Father Leonido Dolor
    Staff: Father Eric Arada

    Information Technological Committee: Father Nepomuceno Fruto

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