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Diocese of Kalookan

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Activities and Organizations

Catholic Educational Institutions

  • Colleges and Universities :
  • Elementary Schools :
  • Kalookan Diocese Schools' Association (KADSA) :
    Superintendent: Father Jeronimo Maria J. Cruz
    Executive Secretary: Mr. Raul S. Roque
  • Member Schools:
    De La Salle - Araneta University (DLS-A)
    President: Dr. Oscar O. Bautista
    Immaculate Conception Parochial School (ICPS)
    Father Gaudioso Sustento
    Immaculate Heart of Mary School (IHMS)
    Sister Leonor Pataeug, MCJ
    La Consolacion College - Kaloocan (LCCC)
    Sister Puri Alma Peña, OSA
    Notre Dame of Greater Manila
    Father Oscar V. Lucas, OMI
    Father Alex V. Amandy
    Sister Mary Glyceria Navarro, SPC
    Saint James Academy (SJA)
    Sister Maria Sofia D. Taguinod, OP
    Directress and Superior
    Saint Mary's Academy (SMA)
    Sister Felicitacion A. Oben, RVM
    San Jose Academy (SJA)
    Father Jeronimo Maria Cruz
    San Lorenzo Ruiz Parochial School (SLRPS)
    Father Father Allan V. Lopez, OP
  • Non-KADSA Catholic School:
    Sacred Heart School

    Sister Rosaline Remollo, BVMC
  • Pre-Schools :
  • Secondary Schools:

Catholic Social Welfare

  • Number of Social and Charitable Institutions:
  • Socio-economic centers:
    St. John Self-Help Mission Center (livelihood program for the poor)
    Sister-in-Charge Sr. Marie Norly P. Paro, MCJ
    Damayan Community Center (scholarships for poor children, livelihood programs for their families)
    Program Directress: Sister Mary Susan F. Montano
    Executive Director: Sister Mary Lorenza Sangalang, RGS
    Light of Malabon Foundation Center (ministry to poorest of the poor, those living in garbage
    dumpsite: catechism for children and adults, HAPAG-ASA to open soon)
    Sister-in-Charge: Sister Venifreda Tuldok, MOPS
    Lingkod ng Potrero Foundation, Inc. (LINGKOD)
    President: Mrs. Patty Reyes
    Manager: Ms. Kai Llobrera
    Lingkuran sa Ikauunlad na Ganap ng Pamilya Foundation, Inc. (LINGAP) (health services)
    Local Superior: Sister Maria Lourdes Bruno, MCJ
    Tahanang Puso Sta. Clara (Catholic association: evangelization and linking up to providers of social services)
    Administered by Heart's Home
    Coordinator: Ms. Adelina Reymond
    Diocesan Social Service and Development Ministry (Sources: Caritas Kalookan Annual Report 2006; Mary Ann Mangalindan, Diocesan SSDM Operations Head, 23 May 2007)
    Charity health clinics - in parishes with big poor populations
    HAPAG-ASA (a parish feeding program sponsored by Pondo Ng Pinoy Foundations based in Manila)- nearly all parishes
    Scholarship programs - different categories:
    poorest of the poor
    not so poor but with good grades
    children of parish volunteers

Major Diocesan Commissions and Organizations

  • Caritas Kalookan Memorial Homes, Inc. (CKMHI) :
    General Manager: Ms. Edith I. Dabuit
    Marketing Assistant: Ms. Myra A. Jacinto
  • Committee on Altar Servers :
    Chairman: Father Elpidio A. Erlano, Jr.
    Diocesan Coordinator: Mr. Arthur Catungal
  • Committee on Basic Ecclesial Communities) BEC Apostolate:
    Chairman: Father Rudy B. Abao, MSC
  • Committee on Bible Apostolate:
    Chairman Father Ruben Gomez, OMI
  • Committee on Charismatic and Transparochial Communities :
    Chairman: Father Ricardo D. Torrefiel
  • Committee on Family Life Apostolate :
    Chairman: Father Constantino Conti
    Ric and Josie Rivera
    Diocesan Head Couple, Family and Life Ministry
  • Committee on Fellowship and Sports :
    Chairman: Father Larry Toledo
  • Committee on Greeters and Collectors:
    Coordinator: Ms. Ma. Loida S. Bacosa
  • Committee on Lectors and Commentators :
    Coordinator: Mr. Emmanuel Hio, Jr.
  • Committee on Music in Liturgy:
    Chairman: Father Lauro G. Frias
  • Committee on Pontifical Servers:
    Chairman: Father Ronaldo C. Pedroso
  • Committee on Special Ministers of Holy Communion :
    Coordinator: Mr. Liberato Gallardo
  • Committee on Worship:
    Coordinator: Ms. Leonor Bravo
  • Diocesan Commission on Construction and Structures:
    Chair, Monsignor: Boanerges A. Lechuga, PC
    Consultant: Manila Archdiocesan Commission for the Cultural Heritage of the Church (MACC)
  • Hospital Apostolate and Health Care :
    Priest in-Charge: Father Lauro E. Toledo
  • Ministry for Liturgical Affairs:
    Minister: Father Rey O. Amante
    Executive Council Chairman: Father Rey O. Amante
  • Ministry for Priestly Formation :
    Minister: Father Alex V. Amandy
  • Ministry of Family and Life:
    Ric and Josie Rivera
    Diocesan Head Couple, Family and Life Ministry
  • Ministry on Catechetics:
    Minister Father Mariano C. Bartolome, Jr.
    Diocesan Coordinators: Ms. Annette C. Angeles Ms. Susan A. del Rosario
    Secretary: Ms. Angie A. Atanacio
  • Ministry on Communications:
    Minister: Father Adrian M. Magnait
  • Ministry on Ecumenical and Inter-Faith Affairs:
    Minister: Father Nestor P. Fajardo
  • Ministry on Lay Formation :
    Minister: Father Constantino C. Conti
  • Ministry on Public and Political Affairs:
    Minister: Father Martin L. Guarin
  • Ministry on Social Services and Development (Caritas Kalookan, Inc.):
    Minister: Father Rufino Yabut
    Pastoral Worker: Mr. Jay Dela Cruz
    Diocesan Development Officer: Ms. Mary Ann M. Mangalindan
    Over-all Lay Coordinator: Ms. Susan de la Cruz
  • Ministry on Temporalities:
    Minister: Monsignor Boanerges A. Lechuga, PC
    Secretary: Ms. Blessilda G. Gerona
  • Ministry on Youth Affairs :
    Minister: Father Jeronimo Ma. J. Cruz
    Diocesan Coordinator Mr. Alvin Lorenzo
  • Office for Guest Priests:
    Priest-in-Charge: Father Dennis G. Salise
  • Office for the Religious:
    Priest in-Charge: Father Allan V. Lopez, OP
  • Office on Vocation Promotions :
    Vocation Director: Father Alex V. Amandy
  • Prison Apostolate :
    Priest in-Charge: Father Antonio F. Nopasa
  • Samahang Manlilingkod ng Diyosesis ng Kalookan (SAMAKA, association of servers of the Diocese of Kalookan) :
    Coordinator: Ms. Ma. Loida S. Bacosa
    Chair, Committee on Education: Ms. Arlene S. Bautista (Parish Secretary)
    Vice Chair, Committee on Human Resources: Ms. Bea L. Lim
  • Urban Poor :
    Priest in-Charge: Father Allan V. Lopez
    Diocesan Coordinator: Ms. Erlinda Aranchado
  • Volunteer Catechists' Formation Program:
    Director: Father Ronaldo Pedroso
    Assistant Director: Sister Leonor Maria A. Pataueg, MCJ

Other Church Organizations and Associations

  • Lay Organizations:
    Sangguniang Laiko ng Kalookan
    President: Mrs. Monina R. Lucas
    First Vice President: Attorney Aurora Santiago (Secretary of the Council of the Laity of the Philippines)
    Secretary: Professor Cely Antonio
    Spiritual Director: Monsignor Boanerges A. Lechuga
    Mother Butler's Guild
    Ms. Henrietta B. Reyes
    Diocesan President
    Spiritual Director: Father Rey O. Amante
    Catholic Women's League
    Diocesan President Ms. Angelita M. Abel
    Spiritual Director Father Nestor P. Fajardo
    Knights of Columbus
    District 1 Deputy: Orlando C. San Pedro
    District 2 Deputy Fernando Silverio
    Spiritual Director: Father Jeronimo Ma. J. Cruz
    Daughters of Mary Immaculate
    Diocesan Regent: Sister Myra V. Sevilla
    Spiritual Director: Father Jeronimo Ma. J. Cruz
    Adoracion Nocturna Filipina
    Diocesan Section 26 President: Mr. Eduardo T. Saveron
    Spiritual Director: Father Lauro G. Frias
    Holy Name Society
    Jose E. De Chavez
    [Spiritual Director: Father Lauro G. Frias - resigned, no replacement yet]
    Cursillo Movement
    Diocesan Lay Director: Mr. Jose E. de Chavez
    Mr. Nards Garcia
    Apostleship of Prayer
    Diocesan President: Dr. Lilia D.L. Mendoza
    Spiritual Director: Father Ricardo D. Torrefiel
    Couples for Christ
    Diocesan Heads: Art and Emily del Rio
    Spiritual Director: Father Ricardo D. Torrefiel
    El Shaddai
    Spiritual Director: Father Ricardo D. Torrefiel
    Legion of Mary
    Diocesan President
    Spiritual Director: Father Lauro E. Toledo

Social Communications

  • Agos - is a diocesan publication, 1,000 copies of which are published every 6 months:
    Contact Person: Ms. Bea L. Lim of the Chancery Office
    Phone: (+63) 2 288-9035
  • Ministry on Communications :
    Minister: Father Adrian M. Magnait
    Address: Saints Peter and John Parish
    34 Orange Road, Potrero, 1475 Malabon City, Philippines
    Phone: (+632) 361-99-24
    Fax: (+632) 365-30-94

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