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Diocese of Ilagan

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Activities and Organizations

Catholic Educational Institutions

  • College - Students:
  • Colleges:
  • Educational Centers:
    University of La Sallette
    Address: 3311 Santiago City, Philippines
    Phone: +63 78 682-7165
    Director: Father Romeo B. Gonzales, MS
    Principal, Grade School: Sr. Eumelia M. Quindara, SFIC
    Principal, High School: Dr. Priscila O. Ilagan

    La Salette Elementary School
    Address: 3311 Santiago City, Philippines
    Chaplain: Father John Arthur Bartolome, VG
    Principal: Mrs. Lydia Alvarade

    Our Lady of the Pillar College Cauayan (OLPCC)
    Address: San Fermin, Cauayan City, Isabela 3305 Philippines
    Phone: +63 78 652-0685
    President: Dr. Exuperio Flores. Ph.D.
    Elementary Principal: Pilar C. Fidel, Ph.D.
    High School Principal: Sr. Prescila R. Gapuz, SFIC

    St. Ferdinand College (SFC)
    Address: Ilagan, 3300 Isabela, Philippines
    Phone: +63 78 624-2125
    President: Dr. Salome S. Cariño, Ph.D.
    Chaplains: Fathers Darwin Mamauag
    Peter Rambac
    Joeffrey Escorpezo

    St. Ferdinand College (Cabagan Campus)
    Address: Cabagan, 3328 Isabela, Philippines
    Principal: Mrs. Estrella Lagundi
    Chaplain: Father Emery Cadiz

    School of Our Lady of Atocha (SOLA)
    Address: Alicia, 3306 Isabela, Philippines
    Phone: +63 78 662-7007
    Director: Msgr. Francisco Uanan
    Chaplain: Fathers Marshall Bartolome
    Carlos Villanueva
    Principal: Ms. Carmela Barroso

    School of St. John Berchman (SSJB)
    Address: Cordon, 3312 Isabela, Philippines
    Chaplain: Father Elmer Lozano
    Principal: Mrs. Anastacia Diwas

    School of St. Matthias (SMM)
    Address: Tumauini, 3325 Isabela, Philippines
    Phone: +63 78 632-4001
    Principal: Mrs. Iluminada L. Nepumuceno
    Chaplain: Father Florman Cabauatan

    School of St. Joseph (SSJ)
    Address: Naguilian, 3302 Isabela, Philippines
    Principal: Ms. Genelita L. Bangug
    Chaplain: Father Ramon Navarro

    School of St. Joseph the Worker (SSJW)
    Address: Echague, 3309 Isabela, Philippines
    Phone: +63 78 072-0711
    Chaplain: Father Patrick Henry Pua
    Principal: Ms. Teresita Pagador

    La Salette of Aurora
    Address: Aurora, 3316 Isabela, Philippines
    Director and Chaplain: Father Ronnie Rodriguez, MS
    Principal: Sr. Rosa Galon, SFSC

    La Salette of Cabatuan
    Address: Cabatuan, 3315 Isabela, Philippines
    Phone: +63 78 664-8082
    Director: Father Manuel Medina, MS
    Principal: Mrs. Lina M. Ramones

    La Salette of Jones
    Address: Jones, 3313 Isabela, Philippines
    Director and Chaplain: Father Romeo Gonzales, MS
    Principal: Mrs. Cleofe M. Angangan

    La Salette of Quezon
    Address: Quezon, 3324 Isabela, Philippines
    Director: Father Rolando Morales, MS
    Chaplain: Father Christopher Bautista, MS
    Principal: Mr. Antonio Gonzaga Jr.

    La Salette of Ramon
    Address: Ramon, 3319 Isabela, Philippines
    Director and Chaplain: Father Christopher P. Arellano, MS
    Principal: Sr. Milagros C. de la Cruz, SNDS

    La Salette of Roxas
    Address: Roxas, 3320 Isabela, Philippines
    Phone: +63 78 642-8279
    Director: Father Francisco B. Tamani, MS
    Principal: Sr. Gracia Abejo, SFIC

    La Salette of San Mateo
    Address: San Mateo, 3318 Isabela, Philippines
    Phone: +63 78 664-2180
    Director and Chaplain: Father Manuel Medina, MS

    Child Learning Center
    In-Charge: Ms. Nelda Tubay
    Chaplain: Fr. Anre Lussier, MS

    ULS-High School Campus
    Address: Malvar Street, 3311 Santiago City, Philippines
    Phone: +63 78 682-8675
    Principal: Mr. Mariano Guiab
    Chaplain: Father Franklin Picio, MS
  • Kindergarten:
  • Kindergarten - Students:
  • Post-Graduate:
  • Post-Graduate - Students:
  • Primary School:
  • Primary School - Students:
  • Secondary School:
  • Secondary School - Students:

Catholic Social Welfare

  • Centers/Clinics:
  • Diocesan Catechetical Centers:
  • Diocesan Pastoral Centers:
  • Diocesan Retreat House:
  • Youth Centers:

Major Diocesan Commissions and Organizations

  • Clergy Center & Retirement House:
    Address: Guibang, Gamu, 3301 Isabela, Philippines
    Rector: Father Danny Guiyab
  • Community-based Health Development Program Diocesan Referral Center:
    Address: Guibang, Gamu, 3301 Isabela, Philippines
    Coordinator: Ms. Mayette Pagatpatan
  • Diocesan Catechetical Center:
    Address: Guibang, Gamu, Isabela, Philippines
    Coordinator: Sr. Thelma Talusan, MCST
  • Diocesan Social Center:
    Address: Calamagui 2nd, Ilagan, 3301 Isabela, Philippines
    Director: Father Antonio Ancheta
  • Education Forum
  • Ilagan Diocese School System (IDSS):
    Address: c/o School of our Lady of Atocha, Alicia, Isabela, Philippines
    Coordinator: Mrs. Rosalia Dalupang
  • Peasant's Desk:
    Address: Calamagui 2, Ilagan, 3300 Isabela, Philippines
    Coordinator: Ms. Lucrecia Bautista
  • Women's Desk:
    Address: c/o Religious of the Good Shepherd Convent, Guibang, Gamu, Isabela, Philippines
    Coordinator: Sr. Mary Minela Alvarez, RGS

Other Church Organizations and Associations

  • Adoracion Noctuna:
    In-Charge: Father Florman Cabauatan
  • BEC (Basic Ecclesial Communities):
    In-Charge: Father Antonio Ancheta
  • Bible Apostolate:
    In-Charge: Ms. Irene Ortiz
  • CBHDP:
    In-Charge: Father Peter Rambac
  • Charismatic Movement:
    In-Charge: Father Francisco Albano
  • Couples for Christ (CFC):
    In-Charge: Father Ric Zeus Angobung
  • CWL:
    In-Charge: Father Angel Luga
  • Ecology and Cooperatives:
    In-Charge: Father John Couvreur, CICM
  • Family Life Apostolate:
    In-Charge: Sr. Teresita Cordova RGS
  • Indigenous Peoples' Desk:
    In-Charge: Sr. Jane Pablo, SFIC
  • Justice and Peace:
    In-Charge: Father Emery Cadiz
  • Knight of Columbus:
    In-Charge: Father John Arthur P. Bartolome
  • Legion of Mary:
    In-Charge: Father Roseller Martinez
  • MBMG Coordinator:
    In-Charge: Mrs. Ambatali
  • Migrants' Desk:
    In-Charge: Father Marshall Bartolome
  • Peasants Desk:
    In-Charge: Father Virgilio R. Velasco
  • PREX (Parish Renewal Experience):
    In-Charge: Msgr. Marino D. Gatan, HP
  • Vocations Promotion Ministry:
    In-Charge: Father Carlito Sarte
  • Youth Apostolate:
    In-Charge: Ms. Myla Cabangan

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