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Diocese of Calbayog

Activities and Organizations

Catholic Educational Institutions

  • Christ the King College (OFM) (F-1952):
    Address:Calbayog City, 6710 Samar, Philippines
    Phone: +63 55 209-1182
    President:Father Prisco A. Cajes, OFM
    Vice-President for Finance: Father Felix A. Jungco, Jr., OFM
    Vice-President for Academic Affairs: Dr. Francisca P. Santos, Ed.D
    Faculty/Personnel:Priests: 4; Deacon: 0; Brothers: 3; Sisters: 2
    Lay: 154; Enrolment: 2,615
  • College - Students:
  • Colleges:
  • Kindergarten:
  • Kindergarten - Students:
  • La Milagrosa Academy (F-1910):
    Address:Calbayog City, 6710 Samar, Philippines
    Phone: +63 55 209-1345; 209-3201
    Directress/Principal: Sr. Flordelina Espiritu, FAS
    Treasurer: Sr. Gemma Fernandez, FAS
    Faculty: Sisters: 2; Lay: 33; Enrolment: 877
  • Primary School - Students:
  • Primary Schools:
  • Secondary School - Students:
  • Secondary Schools:
  • St. Mary’s College of Catbalogan (RVM) (F-1945):
    Address:Catbalogan, 6700 Samar, Philippines
    Phone/Fax: + 63 55 251-2074
    Directress/Dean of College: Sr. Rachel Bernardo, RVM
    Basic Education Principal: Sr. Ma. Violeta Juanico, RVM
    Finance Officer: Sr. Ma. Edna Erlano, RVM
    Campus Ministry:Sr. Ma. Janet Bayron, RVM
    Food Service Supervisor: Sr. Ma. Antonina Hallazgo,RVM
    Faculty/Personnel:Sisters: 5; Lay: 80; Enrolment: 1,714
  • St. Michael’s Academy (F-1962):
    Address:Gandara, 6706 Samar, Philippines
    Directress/Principal: Sr. Caridad C. Galam, FAS
    Faculty: Sister: 2; Lay: 9
    Enrolment: 315

Catholic Social Welfare

  • Catechetical Centers:
    St. Camillus Social Center (F-1994)
    Address: Airport Road, Barangay Trinidad,
    P.O. Box 20, Calbayog City, 6710 Samar, Philippines
    Phone: +63 55 209-3078
    Admin.: Father Jaime Roa, OSC
  • Homes for the Aged:
    Home for the Aged (F-1976)
    Address: Barangay Rawis, Calbayog City, 6710 Samar, Philippines
    Phone: +63 55 209-1242
    Director: Maria Fulgencio, DMD
    Residents: 22
  • Orphanage:
    Julio Cardinal Rosales Memorial Home of Love (F-1983)
    Address: Oquendo, Calbayog City, 6710 Samar, Philippines
    Phone: +63 55 209-4240
    Director: Sr. Marie Alison, MC
  • Retreat Center:
    Caritas — Social Action Center
    Address: Bishop's House, Calbayog City, 6710 Samar, Philippines
    Phone/Fax: +63 55 209-1181
    Director: Father Cesar Aculan
    Personnel: 13
  • St. Camillus Hospital (F-1993):
    Address: Airport Road, Barangay Trinidad,
    P.O. Box 20, Calbayog City, 6710 Samar, Philippines
    Phone: +63 55 209-1164
    Fax: +63 55 209-3289
    Admin.: Mr. Jaime Canarez
    Medical Director: Dr. Guilbert Cabigon
    Chaplain: Father Jaime Roa, OSC

Major Diocesan Commissions and Organizations

  • BEC Program:
    Director: Father Niceas Abejuela
  • Commission on Biblical Apostolate:
    Chairman: Father Rolando Guiuan
  • Commission on Clergy:
    Chairman: Father Roland Cajegas
  • Commission on Family Life Apostolate:
    Chairman: Father Andres Pacoli
  • Commission on Finance:
    Chairman: Father Antonio Mahinay Jr.
  • Commission on Health Care:
    Chairman: Msgr. Francisco III, OC
  • Commission on Lay Formation:
    Chairman: Father Romeo Manzanero
  • Commission on Liturgy:
    Chairman: Father Julio Gaddi Jr.
  • Commission on Migrant Workers:
    Chairman: Father Tito Voz
  • Commission on Seminarians:
    Director: Father Andres Espiritu
  • Commission on Seminarians:
    Chairman: Father Andres Espiritu
  • Commission on Social Action:
    Director: Father Cesar Aculan
  • Commission on Social Communications:
    Chairman: Father Noel Labendia
  • Commission on Youth:
    Chairman: Father Ted Ryan Perez
  • Diocesan Catechetical Director:
    Father Jonathan Zeta
  • Office of Canon Law:
    Head: Msgr. Leonardo Guadalquiver, PC
    Msgr. Francisco Cinco III, PC
  • Superintendent of Catholic Schools:
    Father Francisco Cajes, OFM

Other Church Organizations and Associations

  • Apostleship of Prayer:
    In-Charge: Mrs. Nenita Marilao
  • Catholic Charismatic Movement:
    Servant Leader: Ronaldo Dioneda
  • Catholic Women:
    In-Charge: Mrs. Lilia Gal
  • Children of Mary:
    Diocesan President: Mrs. Irene Obong
  • Couples for Christ:
    Provincial Head: Brother George Asinse
  • Knights of Columbus:
    Sir Knight: Demetrio Dimaranan
  • Ladies of Charity:
    President: Dr. Maria Fulgencio
  • Legion of Mary:
    In-Charge: Sr. Marianita Magbutay
  • Mater Dei Marriage Encounter Community:
    In-Charge: Gerardo and Nenita Felebrico
  • Mother Butler:
    In-Charge: Mrs. Elsa Uycoque
  • Singles for Christ:
    In-Charge: Mr. Raul Colocado
  • Youth for Christ:
    Head: Mrs. Fely Tan

Social Communications

  • In-Charge: Father Noel Labendia:
    Address: St. Vincent de Paul Seminary,
    Dagum Hills, Calbayog City, Philippines
    Phone: +63 552091273
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