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Archdiocese of Caceres

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Activities and Organizations

Catholic Educational Institutions

  • Elementary schools:
  • Universities:
  • Colleges:
  • High schools:
  • Preparatory schools:
  • Kindergartens:
  • Nurseries:
  • Technical/vocational schools:

Catholic Social Welfare

  • Dispensaries:
  • Dormitories:
  • Home for retired priests:
  • Homes for the old, handicapped and chronically ill:
  • Hospitals:
  • Marriage counseling centers:
  • Orphanages:
  • Other social centers:
  • Retreat houses:

Major Diocesan Commissions and Organizations

  • Institutions for Human Development - Institutions for Human Development:
    Sister Edna Maceda, ACI
    Sta. Raphaela Maria Family Service Center
    Father Charles Maria Susai, MOP
    Heart of Mercy Apostolate Center
    Father William Mario Tan
    Chinese-Filipino Catholic Community Center
    Sister Camilla Giacometti, OP
    Blessed Imelda Center
    Sister Adelina Navarrete, OP
    Mother Francisca Spirituality Center and Dormitory for Girls
    Sister Rosa Colot, DM
    Marian Ladies' Dormitory
  • Institutions for Retreat and Renewal:
    Betania Retreat House
    Sister Erlinda Flores, RVM
    Caritas Christi Prayer and Renewal Center
    Sister Consolacion Ligot, DC
    Mater Ecclesiae Formation Center
    Sister Daisy Conde, DM
  • Ministry for Education:
    Chairperson: Father William Parde, Jr.
    Caceres Catechetical Ministry
    Co-Chairperson: Monsignor Rodel Cajot, HP
    Commission on Biblical Apostolate
    Bishop Jose Rojas, Jr.
    Chairperson, Commission on Doctrine
    Father Luisito Occiano
    Chairperson, Commission on Social Communications
    Monsignor Pablo Aguilar, HP
    Director, Caceres Evangelization Ministry
    Sister Erlinda Escoto, FSP
    St. Paul Media Center
  • Ministry for Social Services - Institution for Social Justice and Development:
    Chairperson: Father Nelson Jeffrey Tria
    Assistant Director: Father Baltazar Acompanado, Jr.
    Caceres Social Action Foundation, Inc.
    Judge Mericia Palma
    Commission on Prisoners' Welfare
    Father Rufo Dino, CM
    Congregation of the Mission
    Christ the King Development Center
    Sister Mary Virgo Espineda, RGS
    Hablon Dawani Counseling Center
    Sister Felicitas de Lima, DSA
    Fatima Center for Human Development and Tribal Settlement
    E Daniel de Leon
    Kolping Society of the Philippines, Inc.
  • Ministry for Social Services - Institutions for Health Care and Charity Services:
    Sister Carmen Pascual, DC
    Mother Seton Hospital
    Sister Joan Clare Chin Loy, MOP
    Regina Coeli Formation Center
    Sister Ma. Teresa del Moral Diaz, SdeJ
    Servants of Jesus Day Care Center/Dispensary
    Sister Maria Teresa Larrea Cenoz
    Dispensary Santa Maria Soleda
    Sister Mary Shaila, MC
    St. Martin de Porres Center/Gift of Love
    Sister Maura Flores, DC
    Villa Marillac Community Center
    Sister Clarisinda Cagang, SLMD
    Gualandi Social Center
    Commission on Bioethics and Health Care
  • Ministry for Temporalities:
    Chairperson: Monsignor Zosimo Sanado, HP
    Assistant to the Archbishop for Land Properties
    Monsignor Juan Buentiempo
    Commission on Parish Construction and Improvements
    Father Domingo Florida
    Caceres Clergy Security System
    Father Andrew Recepcion
    Mission Director, Archdiocesan Office for Mission (ARCOM)
  • Ministry for the Clergy:
    Chairperson: Monsignor Juan Clezo, PC
    Parish of St. Clare of Assisi, Tigaon, Camarines Sur, Philippines
    Co-Chairperson: Monsignor Rodel Cajot, PC
    Holy Rosary Major Seminary
    Father Peter Berina
    Holy Rosary Minor Seminary
    Father Baltazar Accompanado, Jr.
    Holy Rosary Preparatory Seminary
  • Ministry for the Laity:
    Spiritual Director: Monsignor Jaime San Andres
    Council of the Laity of Caceres
    Chairperson: Cecilia S. Pardo
    Council of the Laity of Caceres
    Co-Chairperson: Monsignor Raul Pan, PC
    Office for the Religious Associations and Movements
    Member: Bishop Jose Rojas, Jr.
    Caceres Family Life Ministry Our Lady of the Immaculate Conception Parish
  • Ministry for the Religious (Men and Women):
    Members: All men and women Religious congregations in the archdiocese
    Chairperson for Religious Women: Sister Rosalinda Dayap, SPC
    St. Paul Academy
    In-charge of Religious Men: Ministry for the Clergy
  • Ministry for the Youth and Catholic Education:
    Chairperson: Father Rex Luis Hidalgo
    Caceres Youth and Campus Ministry
    Co-Chairperson: Father Joel Tabora, SJ
    Caceres Catholic Educational Conference
    Member: Trinidad Uvero
    Christian Maturity Formation Seminar
  • Pastoral Ministry for Worship:
    Chairperson: Father Peter Berina
    Commission on Liturgy
    Father Manuel Espejo
    Director, Ministry for Sacred Music
    Father Jerome Gonzales
    Director, Ministry for Sacred Arts

Social Communications

  • CCCom Director: Father Luisito Occiano :
    Address: Basilica Compound, 4400 Naga City 4400, Philippines
    Email: [email protected]
  • Publications:
    Vinculum/Nostrum (Semestral) - Journal of the Holy Rosary Major Seminary
    Boronyog - Official Newsletter of the Holy Rosary Minor Seminary
    Misal Na Bicol (Church Cycle and Seasons) - Commission on Worship/Liturgy (COW)
    Maghinanyog An Puso (Church Cycle and Seasons) - Commission on Biblical Apostolate (Combiblia)
    Tingog Simbahan - Archdiocesan Newsletter, Kolping Gazette, Parish of La Porteria, Calabanga, Camarines Sur
    Bonabon (Weekly) - Parish of Our Lady of Penafrancia, 4400 Naga City, Camarines Sur, Philippines
    Hingoa (Annual)
    San Francisco (Weekly) - Parish of St. Francis of Assisi, San Francisco, Naga City, Camarines Sur, Philippines
    Ina (Quarterly) - Basilica of Our Lady of Penafrancia, Basilica Complex, Balatas Road, Naga City
    Mt. Isarog (Monthly) - Mt. Isarog Integrated Area Development Program of the Caceres Social Action Commission
    3-Minute Sunday Catechesis (Monthly) - Caceres Catechetical Ministry
    CCM Focus (Quarterly) - Caceres Catechetical Ministry
    Mission Link (Quarterly)
  • The archdiocese does not own any radio or television (TV) station. However, some commercial TV and radio stations offer free airtime to the Caceres Commission on Communications (CCCom) for the evangelization program of the archdiocese. The commission also provides pastoral care to all media practitioners. The CCCom maintains the website of the archdiocese ( for the benefit of all the faithful, especially those working abroad.

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