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The Pontificate - Contribute to help UCA News

Apostolic Vicariate of Nepal

Activities and Organizations

Catholic Educational Institutions

  • Colleges:
  • Day Care Centres:
  • High Schools:
  • Intermediate Colleges:
  • Pre-School Programs:
  • Primary Schools:

Catholic Social Welfare

  • Centers for mentally-challenged children:
  • Homes for the poor:
  • Hostels for children:
  • Literacy programs (in villages):
  • Rehabilitation center:
  • Vocational training centers:

Major Diocesan Commissions and Organizations

  • Catechetics:
    Rai Bhimsen
  • Communications and Media:
    Satyal Chirendra
  • Dialogue and Ecumenism:
    Father Robins William, S.J./Satyal Chirendra
  • Education:
    Father Maniyar Lawrence, S.J
  • Holy Childhood:
    Father D'Souza Denis
  • Laity and Family:
    Father Bogati Silas
  • Liturgy:
    Father Locke John, S.J.
  • Pastoral Work:
    Father Rai Ignatius
  • Religious:
    Father Robins William, S.J.
  • Social Work:
    Father Bogati Silas
  • Vocation and Formation:
    Father Perumana Pius
  • Youth Apostolate:
    Father Pulickal Augusty, SDB

Other Church Organizations and Associations

  • Caritas Nepal:
    President: Bishop-elect Sharma Anthony Francis S.J.
    Director: Father Bogati Silas
    Address: Caritas Nepal, GPO Box No. 9571, Kathmandu - Nepal
    Phone: (977) 1-553.8172 / 553.9344
    Fax: (977) 1-553.8484
    Email: [email protected]
  • Catechetics:
    Director: Rai Bhimsen
    Address: Catechetical Centre, c/o Assumption Church, GPO Box 8975, EPC-1099, Kathmandu-Nepal
    Phone: (977) 1-555.0937
    Fax: (977) 1-552-1710
    Email: [email protected]
  • Catholic Media Centre:
    Secretary: Satyal Chirendra
    Address: c/o Assumption Church, GPO Box No. 8975, EPC-1099, Kathmandu - Nepal
    Phone: (977) 1-555.0937
    Fax: (977) 1-552.1710
    Email: [email protected]
  • Conference of Religious of Nepal:
    Secretary: Father Father Robins William, S.J.
    Address: CRN National Secretary, St. Xavier's S.S. Centres, GPO Box 3450, Kathmandu - Nepal
    Email: [email protected]
  • Couples For Christ:
    Chaplain: Father Bogati Silas
    Unit Head Couple for Nepal: Rai Gyan Prakash, Mrs. Rai Sujata
    Address: GPO Box 8975, EPC - 895, Kathmandu - Nepal
    Email: [email protected] Phone: (977) 1- 555.0357
  • Deep Shrinkala (Nepal Catholic Women:
    Chaplain: Father Lepcha Justin
    President: Rai Flora
    Address: Assumption Church, GPO Box 8975, EPC-1099, Kathmandu - Nepal
  • Eucharistic Crusaders (Crus Veer):
    Director: Sr. Ranger Veronica
    Address: c/o Assumption Church, Dhobighat - Kathmandu
  • Nepal Catholic Society:
    Patron: Bishop-elect Sharma Anthony Francis, S.J.
    President: Gurung Binod
    Address: Nepal Catholic Samaj, GPO Box No. 9585, Kathmandu - Nepal
  • Nepal Catholic Youth Movement:
    Chaplain (National): Father Pulickal Augusty, SDB
    Kathmandu Valley in-charge: Father Lakra Martin, SDB
    Address: NCYM Office, Assumption Church, GPO Box 8975, EPC-1099, Kathmandu - Nepal
    Phone: (977) 1-5526732
    Email: [email protected]
  • St. John Vianney Pastoral Animation Centre:
    Director: Father Perumana Pius
    Address Pastoral Centre, Kitinee, GPO Box No. 8975, EPC-1099, Kathmandu-Nepal
    Phone: (977)1-556.0716/556.0112
    Email: [email protected], [email protected]

Social Communications

  • Catholic Information Centre:
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