In Memories of Two Cardinals in Asia

Cardinal Cheong
Cardinal Sim

The Church in Asia lost two cardinals in less than two months this year.

Cardinal Cornelius Sim, a new cardinal in Asia and the first of Brunei, died on May 29. He was 69.

Cardinal Nicholas Cheong Jin-suk, 89, former archbishop of Seoul and president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Korea, passed away on April 27.

More about the lives of Cardinal Sim and Cardinal Cheong
and the Churches in Brunei and South Korea, of which their missions were dedicated to.

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Slavery In Asia
Slavery In Asia
Slavery In Asia

Archdiocese of Palembang

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Activities and Organizations

Catholic Educational Institutions

  • Academy (Diploma) :
  • Elementary School :
  • Junior High School :
  • Kindergarten :
  • Senior High Schools:
  • Vocational School :

Catholic Social Welfare

  • Major Catholic Social Welfare Centers:
    Pansos Bodronoyo Social Foundation
    Address: Jl. Kolonel Atmo 52, Palembang 30125
    South Sumatra, Indonesia
    Phone: +62 711-356986, 360042

    Credit Cooperation and Bank:
    "RUKUN" Credit Cooperation
    Address: Jl. Kolonel Atmo 52, Palembang 30125
    South Sumatra, Indonesia
    Phone: +62 711-360042

    "Arta Lestari" People's Credit Bank of Musi
    Address: Jl. Charitas, Tegal Rejo BK 10 Belitang
    OKU Timur, Indonesia

    Joseph House Orphanage of Baturaja
    Address: Jl. Kolonel Burlian No 561
    Baturaja 32115, Indonesia
    Phone: +62 735-320286

    St Marry Orphanage of Pasang Surut
    Address: Jalur 20 Purwodadi, P Surut Air
    Sugihan 30766, Indonesia

    Nursing Homes:
    Dharma Bakti Nursing Home
    Address: Jl. Kolonel H. Burlian Km. 7
    Palembang 30761, South Sumatra, Indonesia
    Phone: +62 711-410776

    Sumarah Nursing Home
    Address: Desa Sukomoro Dusun 2
    Jl Diponegoro Km 18 Talang Kelapa, MUBA, Indonesia
    Phone: +62 827-112419
    Child Care House:

    Nazareth Child Care House
    Address: c/o Sumarah Nursing Home
    Phone: +62 827-112419

    RK Charitas Hospital of Palembang
    Address: Jl. Jenderal Sudirman 1054
    Palembang 30129, South Sumatra, Indonesia
    Phone: +62 711-353374, 353375

    MYRIA Hospital Km. 7
    Address: Jl. Burlian Km. 7, Palembang 30152
    South Sumatra, Indonesia
    Phone: +62 711-411610

    St. Antonio Hospital of Baturaja
    Address: Jl. Komisaris Umar 33, Baturaja 32121
    South Sumatra, Indonesia
    Phone: +62 735-320393

    Bhaktiningsih Hospital of Gumawang
    Address: Jl. Caharitas No. 02, Tegal Rejo BK 10 Belitang
    OKU, South Sumatra 32182,
    Phone: +62 735-450066

    St. Theresa Hospital of Jambi
    Address: Jl. Dr. Sutomo 19, Kotak Pos 6
    Jambi 36001, Indonesia
    Phone: +62 741-23119
    Fax: +62 741-20832

    Maternity Hospital of Kartini
    Address: Jl. Raya Sekayu KM 20, MUBA, Indonesia
    Phone: +62 827-430121

    Karya Asih Charitas Maternity Hospital
    Address: Jl. Betawi Raya 1340
    Sako Kenten 30164, Indonesia

    Bhakti Kasih Maternity Hospital of Sekojo
    Address: Jl. Wahid Ali 90, Sekojo
    Palembang, South Sumatra, Indonesia
    Phone: +62 711-710251

    Tugumulyo Clinic of MURA
    Address: Jl. Jenderal Sudirman, Mataram T. Mulyo
    MURA, South Sumatra, Indonesia
    Phone: +62 733-371044

    Xaverius Clinic of Tanjung Sakti
    Address: Pajar Bulan, Tanjung Sakti 31581
    South Sumatra, Indonesia

    St. Yoseph Clinic of Muara Bungo
    Address: c/o Pastoran Katolik St. Paulus Muara Bungo
    P.O. BOX 10, Muara Bungo, Jambi
    37201, Indonesia
    Phone: +62 747-21155
    Faks: +62 747-21145

    Xaverius Clinic of Tegal Arum
    Address: Desa Tegal Arum, East Baturaja, OKU, Indonesia

    Xaverius Clinic of Bukit Baturaja
    Address: Jl. Akmal, West Baturaja, OKU 320115, Indonesia

    Pansos Clinic
    Address: Jl. Kolonel Atmo 52, Palembang 32125
    South Sumatra, Indonesia
    Phone: +62 711-356986, 360042

    Charitas Clinic of Argo Makmur
    Address: Argo Makmur, Muko-Muko, North Bengkulu, Indonesia

    Charitas Clinic of Tegalasari BK 21
    Address: Desa Tegalsari BK 21, Belitang, OKU, Indonesia

    Charitas Clinic of Pasang Surut
    Address: Purwo Dadi Jalur 20, Musi Banyu Asin, Indonesia

    St. Carolus Clinic of Bengkulu
    Address: Jl. Prof. Dr. Hazairin 162, Bengkulu, Indonesia
    Phone: +62 736-321583

    St. Yoseph Clinic of Lahat
    Address: Jl. Gunung Gajah 13, Lahat, South Sumatra, Indonesia
    Phone: +62 731-322092

Major Archdiocesan Commissions and Organizations

  • Major Catholic Diocesan Organizations:
    Commision for Liturgy, Bible, and Catechetics: Father Constantinus Kristianto, SCJ
    Commision for Youth: Father Vincentius Setiawan Triatmojo
    Commision for Social Communications: Father Frans de Sales, SCJ
    Commision for Laity: Mr. Alphonsus Supardi
    Commission for Family: Mr. J.D. Sutarno
    Commission for Socio-Economic Development: Father Antonius Yuswita, SCJ
    Indonesia's Pontifical Mission Aid Societies: Father Fl. Marsudi
    Catholic Education Council: Father Antonius Yuswita, SCJ

Other Church Organizations and Associations

  • Major Social Communications Centers:
    Catholic Women of the Republic of Indonesia
    Legion of Mary
    Catholic Charismatic Renewal Movement
    Marian Priest Movement
    Catholic University Students Association
    Banjar Bangau Study Group
    Catholic Workers Association
    Indonesian Catholic Community Forum

Social Communications

  • Major Social Communications Centers:
    Audio-Visual Studio of Sanggar Prativi
    Address: Jl. Kolonel Atmo No. 132, PO Box 241, Palembang, South Sumatra, Indonesia
    Phone: +62 711-313828

    KOMUNIO and SOBAT Magazines
    Address: Jl. Kolonel Atmo No. 132, PO Box 241, Palembang, South Sumatra, Indonesia
    Phone: +62 711-317506

    Sonara Radio of Palembang
    Address: Gedung TV 7, Jl. Angkatan 45, Lrg Harapan 1 No. 23, Palembang 30137, South Sumatra, Indonesia
    Phone: +62 711-355990, 359148, 379026
    Fax: +62 711-313525

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