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Cardinal Cheong

The cathedral of the first diocese in India.

St. Thomas the Apostle, who is believed to have arrived on Kerala’s Malabar Coast in 52 AD, is considered the father of the Catholic faith in India.

Christian communities developed and expanded further when European missionaries arrived in the 13th and 14th centuries.

The history of a few ancient dioceses in Asia can be dated back to 13th century pre-Portuguese mission expeditions.

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Diocese of Amboina

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Activities and Organizations

Catholic Educational Institutions

  • Junior High School:
  • Catechetical School :
  • Elementary Schools :

Catholic Educational Institutions

  • Kindergarden :

Catholic Educational Institutions

  • School for disable :
  • Senior High school:
  • Vocational Schools:

Catholic Social Welfare

  • Clinic/Polyclinic:
    St Joseph Clinic

    Address : BP St. Yoseph - Alusi Krawain Kec.Kormomolin – Maluku Tenggara Barat
  • Clinic/Polyclinic:
    St. Lidwina Clinic

    Address : BP Sta. Lidwina Arui Bab, Kec. Kormomolin – Maluku Tenggara Barat
  • Clinic/Polyclinic:
    Kabal Siang Clinic

    Address : BP Kabalsiang - Aru Utara
  • Clinic/Polyclinic:
    St. Joseph Clinic

    Address : BP St. Joseph – Katlarat, Elat, Kei Besar - Maluku Tenggara
  • Clinic/Polyclinic:
    Cendrawasih Maternity Home

    Address : Jln. Murtopo, Dobo. Phone (0917) 21055
  • Clinic/Polyclinic:
    St. Melania Maternity Home

    Address : Komp. Susteran TMM -Larat 97663, Phone (0918) 21061
  • Clinic/Polyclinic:
    St Lidewey Maternity Home

    Address : Komp. Gereja Katolik, Jl. Abdullah Soulisa - Masohi 97511. Phone (0914) 22512

Catholic Social Welfare

  • Dormitories:
    St. Anna

    Address: Jln. Nenek Makaria Saumlaki 97664, Maluku Tenggara Barat

Catholic Social Welfare

  • Dormitories:
    Atma Kencana Ambon

    Address: Jl. Cendrawasih 67 - Ambon 97124 Tel: (0911) 316155

Catholic Social Welfare

  • Dormitories:
    PBHK Langgur

    Address: Jl. Jenderal Sudirman 57, Langgur - Tual 97611 - MALRA
  • Dormitories:
    Solandres Putra

    Address: Jl. Dolorosa 1, Langgur 97661, Maluku Tenggara
  • Dormitories:
    St. Theresia

    Address: Susteran PBHK Katlarat, Elat 97661, Maluku Tenggara

Catholic Social Welfare

  • Health Foundation:
    St Luke Foundation

    Address: Jl. Pattimura 32 - Komp. Gereja Katedral Ambon 97124, Tel. (0911) 355336 Fax. (0911) 355357
  • Hospital:
    Otto Quick Hospital

    Address : RS Otto Quick, Jl. Laksdya Leo Wattimena, Passo - Ambon 97232. Phone (0911) 362512
  • Hospital:
    Sacred Heart Hospital

    Address : RS Hati Kudus Langgur, Jln. Jenderal Sudirman – Tual, Maluku Tenggara
  • Hospital:
    Fatima Hospital Saumlaki

    Address: RS Fatima - Jln. Nenek Makaria, Saumlaki 97664 – Maluku Tenggara Barat
  • Orphanage:
    Solandres Putri Orphanage

    Address: RT. 002 Melati/RW. 04 Kaslarat, Langgur - Tual 9761, Maluku Tenggara, Phone (0916) 22669

Major Diocesan Commission and Organization

  • Biblical Commission
  • Catechetical commission
  • Educational commission
  • Government Relation, Justice and Peace
  • Health commission
  • Laity and Interreligious commission
  • Liturgical Commission
  • Project commission
  • Religious Life commission
  • Seminary commission
  • Social communication
  • Women commission
  • Youth commission

Other Church Organizations

  • Legio Mariae
  • Assosiation of Catholic University Students (PMKRI)
  • Catholic Women (WKRI)
  • Catholic Youth
  • Charismatic Renewal
  • Marian Priest Movement (GIM)
  • Pontifical Society of Children and Youth Missioners (SEKAMI)
  • Prayer group of priest and nun families

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