All you need to know about the Church in Myanmar

“I write these lines as a spiritual leader, empathizing with the sentiments of millions of people at this moment… I write with love towards all, seeking a durable solution, praying for an end forever to the periodic darkness that envelops our dear nation…”

~ Cardinal Charles Maung Bo, Archbishop of Yangon, wrote in a message to the people of Myanmar and the international community following the Feb. 1 military coup in the Southeast Asian nation.

What is going on in Myanmar? What is the Catholic Church calling for today?

What is the local Catholic population? How many dioceses, bishops are there…

All you need to know about the Church in Myanmar in one click
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Diocese of Coimbatore

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Activities and Organizations

Catholic Educational Institutions

  • Post Secondary Schools:
  • Colleges:
  • Community Colleges:
  • Pre-Primary Schools :
  • Primary Schools:
  • Secondary Schools :
  • Technical Schools:

Catholic Social Welfare

  • Hospitals, clinics and dispensaries:
  • Family apostolates:
  • Home for the elderly:
  • Homes for the disabled:
  • Hostels for youths:
  • Orphanages:
  • Socio-economic centers:
  • Youth centers:

Major Diocesan Commissions and Organizations

  • Evangelization:
    Father Aloysius Xavier
  • Basic Christian Communities:
    Father Victor Paulraj
  • Bible:
    Father I. Jacob
  • Cathechism:
    Father Aloysius Xavier
  • Catholic Association:
    Father Maria Pappu
  • Clergy :
    Father Amalraj
  • Communication:
    Father Aloysius Xavier
  • Diocesan Pastoral Centre:
    Father Aloysius Xavier
  • Ecumenism and Dialogue:
    Father Antony Samy
  • Education:
    Father M. Gurusamy
  • Family:
    Father Pushpanathan
  • Labor:
    Father John Paul Vincent
  • Laity:
    Father Maria Irudhaynathan
  • Legal Cell :
    Father John Joseph Stanis
  • Liturgy :
    Father Aloysius Xavier
  • Peace and Justice:
    Father Kennedy
  • Pious Associations:
    Father M. Maria Antony
  • Prayer Groups:
    Father George Dhanasekar
  • Prison Ministry:
    Father Louis
  • Scheduled Castes and Scheduled Tribes:
    Father Kennedy
  • Vocation :
    Father Maria Mudiappan
  • Young Christian Students:
    Father Maria Soosai
  • Youth :
    Father A. Maria Joseph

Social Communications

  • Diocesan website:
  • Monthly Magazine:
    Kovai Thuthan (Tamil), Coimbatore News letter (English)
  • Press:
    Address: AARESI, St. Mary's Press, Karumathampatty, Coimbatore 638 659, India
    Phone: (91) 421-2334257
  • Social Communications Office (This office is situated in the Pastoral Centre):
    Father Aloysius Xavier

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