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Diocese of Chingleput

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Activities and Organizations

Catholic Social Welfare

  • AIDS hospices:
  • Homes for the disabled:
  • Homes for the elderly:
  • Hospitals, clinics and dispensaries:
  • Orphanages:
  • Socio-economic centers, training centers:

Other Church Organizations and Associations

  • Service & Research Foundation of Asia on Family & Culture (SERFAC), an institution focusing on the development of the family in Asia:
    Sister Catherine Bernard,Post Box. No. 18, Manimangalam, Varadharajapuram via
    Chennai - 600 048.
    Phone: (91) 44-2276 1328

Social Communications

  • Communication Commission:
    Father J. Periyanayagam
    Email: [email protected]
  • Diocesan website:
  • Monthly magazine (English and Tamil ):
    Malaiarul (grace from the hill)

Catholic Educational Institutions

  • Middle School:
  • Post-secondary Students:
  • Primary School:
  • Secondary School:

Major Diocesan Commissions and Organizations

  • Address:
    Pastoral Center, School Street, Chingleput - 603101, India
    Phone: (91) 44-2742 2449
  • Basic Christian Communities Commission:
    Father S. George Stephen
  • Christian Life Commission:
    Father P. John Bosco
  • Communication Commission:
    Father J. Perianayagam
  • Dialogue & Ecumenism:
    Father A. Alexis Manohar
  • Diocesan College of Consultors
  • Diocesan Curia
  • Diocesan Finance Committee
  • Diocesan Formation Council
  • Diocesan Laity Council
  • Diocesan Pastoral Council
  • Diocesan Pastoral Team
  • Diocesan Priests
  • Diocesan Project Committee
  • Diocesan Tribunal
  • Education Commission:
    Father P. Patrick
  • Evangelization Commission:
    Father A. Martin Joseph
  • Family Commission:
    Father G. Thomas Premkumar
  • Health Commission:
    Father Desmond Daniels
  • Labor Commission:
    Father S. Augustine Devadoss
  • Laity Commission:
    Mr. M. Amalanathan
  • Night School Commission:
    Father R. Lucas
  • Other Diocesan organizations
  • Political Commission:
    Father B. John Suresh
  • Property Commission:
    Father J. Thomas Mundackal
  • SC/ST/BC Commission:
    Father A. Arockiaraj
  • Vocation Commission:
    Father R. S. Gabriel
  • Women:
    Mrs. Lilly Mary
  • Youth Commission:
    Father P. Esthakiyus

Other Church Organizations and Associations

  • Justice & Legal Cell Commission:
    Father G. Kanikairaj

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