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Diocese of Berhampur

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Activities and Organizations

Catholic Social Welfare

  • Dispensaries:
  • Homes for elderly:
  • Hospitals:
  • Orphanages:

Major Diocesan Commissions and Organizations

  • Catechetics & Bible :
    Father Simon Elavuthingal
  • Communications:
    Father Ashok Kumar Nayak
  • Developmental Works:
    Father Marshal Mihir Upasi
  • Ecuminism & Dialogue:
    Father Paul Manickathan
  • Education :
    Bimal Chandra Nayak
  • Family & Laity :
    Father Mathew Singh, CM
  • Health :
    Sr. Tresa Kolathupadavil, SABS
  • Holy Childhood :
    Father Thomas Parayil
  • Liturgy :
    Father Sanjeeb Nayak
  • Proclamation :
    Father Chittaranjan Senapati
  • Scheduled Caste & Backward Class:
    Father Vijaya Kumar Nayak, CM
  • Seminarians:
    Father Marshal Mihir Upasi
  • Vocation :
    Father Robindra Swal Singh
  • Women:
    Sr. Rashmi, DC
  • Youth:
    Father Ajit Kumar Nayak

Social Communications

  • Monthly Magazine :
    Divya Prabha (Divine Light)in the Oriya language
  • Social Communication Commission:
    Father Ashok Kumar Nayak

Catholic Educational Institutions

  • Schools in Berhampur diocese:

Other Church Organizations and Associations

  • Children of Mary Association
  • Holy Childhood
  • Mother Association
  • Pontifical Mission Aid Societies
  • Society of Faith Formation
  • St Vincent De Paul Society
  • Women's Desk

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