In Memories of Two Cardinals in Asia

Cardinal Cheong
Cardinal Sim

The Church in Asia lost two cardinals in less than two months this year.

Cardinal Cornelius Sim, a new cardinal in Asia and the first of Brunei, died on May 29. He was 69.

Cardinal Nicholas Cheong Jin-suk, 89, former archbishop of Seoul and president of the Catholic Bishops’ Conference of Korea, passed away on April 27.

More about the lives of Cardinal Sim and Cardinal Cheong
and the Churches in Brunei and South Korea, of which their missions were dedicated to.

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Slavery In Asia
Slavery In Asia
Slavery In Asia

Diocese of Bellary

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Activities and Organizations

Catholic Social Welfare

  • Dispensaries:
  • Home for the Disabled and Destitutes:
  • Home for the Elderly:
  • Hospitals:
  • Hostels/Boarding:
  • Leprosaria:
  • Maternity Centres:
  • Mobile Clinics:

Major Diocesan Commissions and Organizations

  • BDBE Society for Diocesan Schools and Junior Colleges:
    Father Arokianathan L
  • Bellary Diocesan Development Society (BDDS):
    Father Paulraj P
  • Catholic Relief Services (CRS):
    Father Paulraj P
  • Christian Life Commission:
    Father Joseph A
  • Commission for Bible and Liturgy:
    Father Jose Prakash
  • Communications Commission:
    Father Thomas Santhosh M
  • Conference of Catholic Religious of India (CRI):
    Sister Shantha
  • Development Projects Selection Committee:
    Father Paulraj P
  • Diocesan Boarding/Sponsorship Committee:
    Father Francis B
  • Diocesan Crisis Management Committee:
    Monsignor Chowrappa Y
  • Diocesan Estate Committee:
    Father Yagappa
  • Diocesan Health Care Committee:
    Father Anthonyraj P
  • Diocesan Pastoral Council:
    Monsignor Chowrappa Y. and Mr. Samuel Saladin
  • Diocesan Pastoral Projects Selection Committee:
    Father Anthonyraj P
  • Education Commission:
    Father Arokianathan L
  • Evangelization Commission:
    Father Jose Prakash
  • Evangelization Fund Committee:
    Father Jose Prakash
  • Family Commission:
    Father Mari Joseph
  • Higher Education Commission:
    Father Thomas Michael
  • Internal Audit Committee:
    Father Anthonyraj P
  • Laity Commission:
    Father Mari Joseph
  • Nirmala Consumers Co-operative Society:
    Father Irudayaraj M. S
  • Personnel Commission:
    Father Charles Sunderaj
  • Project Implementation/Audit Committee:
    Monsignor Chowrappa Y
  • Public Relations Commission:
    Father Thomas Santhosh
  • Social Communications and Public Relations Office:
    Father Thomas Santhosh M
  • Social Development Commission:
    Father R. Paulraj P
  • St Antony
  • Women Commission:
    Father Mari Joseph
  • Youth Commission:
    Father Mari Joseph

Social Communications

  • Bhagavathvani - Bellary Diocesan Communication Centre
  • Suvarthe - Diocesan Catholic Enquiry Centre

Catholic Educational Institutions

  • Primary Schools:
  • Primary Schools-Students:
  • B. Ed. Colleges:
  • B. Ed. Colleges-Students:
  • High Schools:
  • High Schools-Students:
  • Kindergarten:
  • Kindergarten-Students:
  • Pre-university Colleges (10+2):
  • Pre-university Colleges (10+2)-Students:
  • Technical Schools :
  • Technical Schools-Students:
  • Total number of Schools:
  • Total number of Students:
  • Vocational Training Centres :
  • Vocational Training Centres-Students:

Major Diocesan Commissions and Organizations

  • Coordinator of Commissions:
    Father Irudayaraj

Other Church Organizations and Associations

  • Abyudaya Kendra Tailoring and Grihini Training
  • Altar Boys and Altar Girls Association
  • Amara Prema Tailoring Centre
  • Arogya Mathe Welfare Society
  • Basic Christian Communities (BCC)
  • Bellary Samaja Seva Kendra
  • Bellary Women Vocational Training Centre
  • Bible Museum
  • Cardinal Cushing Farmers
  • Carmel Seva Sadan
  • Catechists and Lay Leaders Training Centre
  • Centre for Christian Learning
  • Charismatic Movement
  • Commission for Bible and Liturgy Centre
  • Daya Nivas Tailoring Institute
  • Diocesan Council of Catholic Women
  • Don Bosco Professional Academy (DBPA)
  • Holy Childhood Association
  • Jeevan Jyothi Association for Girls
  • Karnataka United Christian Forum for Human Rights (KUCFHR)
  • Laity Association
  • Legion of Mary
  • Matha Maria Mahila Pragathi Dama
  • Sahaya Mathe Grihini Training Centre
  • Sevashrama Grihini Training Centre
  • Society of St Vincent de Paul
  • Women Associations (Mahila Sanghas and Mahila Mandalas)
  • Young Christian Students/Young Students Movement (YCS/YSM)
  • Youth Clubs

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