Umar Manzoor Shah
Increasing awareness, rescues and combatting poverty must go hand in hand
June 27, 2019
Critics fear education scholarships have a pro-Hindi language agenda, but some minority leaders welcome the new funding
June 20, 2019
New report highlights how minorities do the most stigmatized and lowly paid work in Hindu-majority India
June 17, 2019
Critics argue that the event has lost much of its genuinely religious nature as it has been marred by fakery and manipulation
June 13, 2019
BJP election victory emboldens nationalist groups to call for temple on site where mosque once stood
June 3, 2019
And they are more likely to face the death penalty, according to a new report that analyzes official government statistics
May 29, 2019
Rigid caste system means that some families choose to murder relatives who break its rules
May 23, 2019
Last year's truce allowed militants to regroup against govt forces, police official says
May 23, 2019
Social stigmatization means many would rather take their own lives than try to get them back on track
May 7, 2019
Female Muslims petition to pray in mosques but clerics claim it's just a ruse to deflect attention from 'triple talaq' ban
May 7, 2019
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