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1842-1954 (vol 1 + 2)
A Call to Mission-A History of the Jesuits in China 1842 - 1954 Volume1: The French Romance
David Strong SJ
A Call to Mission-Ahistory of the Jesuits in China 1842 -1954 Volume 2: The Wider European and Americian Adventure
David Strong SJ
The French Romance
The Wider European and American Adventure
The Jesuits were the first multinational to be welcomed in China and they came with a specific method of engagement – to make friends build relationships and share their gifts before anything else was transacted, including conversations about Christianity. It remains an unsurpassed method of engagement with a rich and ancient people.

But the second arrival – from the 1840’s – was very different. It was made possible by the arrival of European governments and traders, many of whom came not just for financial gain but to spread their “superior� religion.

This work by David Strong in two volumes is the first major treatment of the period from the arrival of the European and eventually American Jesuit missionaries under the protection of the so called Unequal Treaties through to their expulsion after the Communist victory in the long running civil war in 1949.

Volume I: The French Romance – traces the people, projects, expansion and impact of those who provided the predominant Jesuit presence. At the height of its engagement with China, the French Government has 19 Consulates and attendant military and navy throughout China. The French Jesuits were afforded access and protection by their government and activated missions in northern and central China – schools, seminaries, universities, parishes, retreat houses, publications – and attracted Chinese nationals to join their number.

Volume II: The Wider European Adventure - covers the commitments, places and activities of missions undertaken by the Spaniards, Austrians, Hungarians, Italians, French Canadians, and lastly in the 1930s, the Americans from California.