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Goa Church blames officials over drugs

UCAN Church people blame politicians and police for colluding with traffickers to make drugs easily available
  • Bosco de Souza Eremita, Panaji
  • India
  • June 29 2010
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Politicians, police and traffickers collude to make drugs easily available, the Goa archdiocese says.

A statement from the Diocesan Council for Social Justice and Peace says that Goans have "lost confidence" in the State authorities. Most believe that a nexus exists between the politicians, police and all rungs of traffickers."

The message was issued to mark the UN’s World Drug Day on June 26. It follows a recent allegation linking a state ministers son and seven policemen, including the head of the Anti-Narcotic Cell, with a drugs ring who were re-selling confiscated drugs.

The policemen were arrested after a sting operation in which a prominent Israeli drug dealer, Yaniv Benaim, was caught on camera, boasting of his connections with police and politicians.

The statement by the Goa archdiocese said that it is commonly acknowledged that trade in drugs is on the increase and becoming more open in Goa. Bars and taverns are focal points of relaxation where soft drinks are laced with narcotics and other psychotropic substances are easily available. This behavior gnaws into the fabric of family life, it said.

It went on to assert that "parents are not fully available to their children to give them crucial stability and blamed this social development on the irrational race to have more rather than to be more".

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