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What's the connexion between the conclave and FC Barcelona?

An extraordinary football-related coincidence.

What's the connexion between the conclave and FC Barcelona?

March 15, 2013

The scale of Barcelona's breathtaking second-leg comeback in their Champions League tie with Milan surprised a few pundits – but keen pope-watchers knew what was coming.

Barca's 4-0 victory, inspired by a "magisterial" display from Lionel Messi, took them into the quarter-finals 4-2 on aggregate, but was notable for one other reason. Barca have now played three games during a papal conclave, and have won them all 4-0.

During 1958's conclave Barca beat Real Madrid 4-0, and in 1978 they put four past Las Palmas. As spotted by @2010misterchip, Tuesday's win makes it three out of three.

Chances of a fourth 4-0 depend on how long the voting inside the Sistine chapel goes on. Barcelona play Rayo Vallecano at home on Sunday.

Full Story: Barcelona keep up divine record of winning 4-0 during papal conclaves

 Source: The Guardian

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