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Volcano victims learn to bake a cake

College course teaches victims of last year's eruption how to make a crust

  • Bambang Sugiharto, Sleman
  • Indonesia
  • July 8, 2011
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Tarakanita College in Yogyakarta is offering a free 10-day baking course for victims of the Mount Merapi volcano eruptions last year.

Thirty mothers who fled with their families to escape the eruptions are doing the course at the college’s hall in Pringwulung, in Sleman district. The course runs from July 6 to July 16.

“We’re trying to boost women’s skills. We’re teaching mothers how to bake cakes, which are in great demand,” said Maria Amriyati, the college’s director.

The course also aims to help the women to start small businesses so that they can earn some money to meet their families’ daily needs, she added.

“Their enthusiasm so far has been great,” she continued.

The college runs the class annually. “But the target groups are different each year. This year it’s for those most affected financially by the eruptions,” she said.

Nita Krisnawati, a 27-year-old mother, says she is really enjoying the course, which could provide her with a source of income. “Soon it will be Ramadan the fasting month. Usually, a temporary market runs during this time. I will bake various cakes and sell them in the market,” she said.

The course this year also marks the 60th anniversary of the college’s Tarakanita Foundation.


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