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Vietnam detains Catholic activists

Arrests of Catholics in Vietnam represent a new wave of persecution by the newly-appointed government, a banned political group said, according to Monsters and Critics.com.

  • Vietnam
  • August 11, 2011
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Eight Catholics from central Vietnam were arrested after protesting for land rights and circulating a petition to free prominent legal rights activist Cu Huy Ha Vu, their lawyer and families said, according to a report on Monsters and Critics.com.

Those arrested had "taken part in activities such as asking authorities to return land in Thai Ha province, or against a government-run Bauxite mining project," lawyer Le Quoc Quan said.

They were arrested between July 30 and August 8 in Vinh province, banned political group Viet Tan said.

The arrests represent a new wave of persecution by the newly appointed government, Viet Tan said.

Last week, thousands of Catholics in Vinh City took to the streets protesting against a decision by local authorities to seize land in Cau Ram parish to build a park dedicated to soldiers who died during the war with the United States, the report adds.


Eight Catholics arrested after taking part in protests (Monsters and Critics.com


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