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Untimely deaths of three priests worries Chinese Catholics Whats this?
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Many priests celebrate more than three Masses on Sunday in different locations and do not have proper meals on time

Untimely deaths of three priests worries Chinese Catholics

A priest blesses the sick in northeast China. ( photo) reporter, Hong Kong

October 17, 2016

Chinese Catholics were alarmed when three priests in mainland China died in three consecutive days with one more in critical condition and all below the average life expectancy.

Father Joseph Ge Xiangbing from Xian Country, 41, and Father Peter Liu Zhanfang from Baoding city, 65, passed away due to sudden illness on Oct. 6 and Oct. 8 respectively. Both were priests in northern Hebei province where there are an estimated one million Catholics.

Father Peter Li Bo from northeastern Heilongjiang province died of a cerebral hemorrhage on Oct. 7 aged 50, while Father Joseph Song Kexun from northwestern Shaanxi province, was hospitalized on Oct. 6 due to the exact same condition. Father Song, 44, is now receiving treatment in an intensive care ward.

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