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TV shows 'fail to uphold values'

Priest says society fostering egoism, encouraging intolerance of others

Jesuit Father Franciscus Xaverius Mudji Sutrisno Jesuit Father Franciscus Xaverius Mudji Sutrisno
  • Konradus Epa, Jakarta
  • Indonesia
  • March 31, 2011
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A Jesuit priest said television shows that don’t educate through social messages are creating more self-centered people and thereby destroying national character and cultural awareness.

“Programs broadcast by television stations are holding people back by only making them look at themselves rather than give them awareness,” said Jesuit Father Fransiscus Xaverius Mudji Sutrisno.

He was speaking to around 50 people from various religions at a forum in Jakarta yesterday organized by the National Integrity Movement.

Egoism and primordialism have ruined the identity of Indonesian people, he told the forum called: What are the Actual Causes of Deterioration in Indonesia?

“We are in a deep abyss” as a result, Father Sutrisno said.

The lecturer at Driyarkara School of Philosophy urged Indonesians to turn their backs on underlying egoism, and primordialism in religions and politics and avoid a self-centered mentality.

Meanwhile, the movement’s chairman Salahuddin Wahid said the government’s failure to address various problems has worsened the situation.

“I think all Indonesian people have a similar view,” the Muslim leader said.

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