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Thanksgiving in China: Not a Trojan horse from the West Whats this?
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Chinese Protestants celebrate Thanksgiving as a way to become more Chinese, not Western

Thanksgiving in China: Not a Trojan horse from the West

A Chinese Protestant sings in Beijing's state-sanctioned Chaoyang Church. Many Chinese Protestants celebrate Thanksgiving each year on the same date as America but they do so in their own distinct way. (Photo by AFP)

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On this fourth Thursday of November, it is not only American families who are gathering to celebrate Thanksgiving, but many Chinese Protestants as well.

Does it mean that Protestantism in China is a tool of American cultural Imperialism? Despite what some critics say, this is not the case. Here are the reasons why.

To understand Chinese Thanksgiving, one needs to spend some time among these Protestants and carefully observe what they say and do. Indeed, over the past decade, more and more churches are celebrating the festival, and influencing the rest of the country. These churches claim they were inspired by Thanksgiving in America, a great Christian nation.

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