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Starbucks forces Bangkok coffee cart vendor to change name

'Starbung' stall re-named as 'Bung's Tears'

<p>Picture: Bangkok Post</p>

Picture: Bangkok Post

  • Bangkok Post
  • Thailand
  • November 21, 2013
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A street stall coffee vendor in Bangkok has dropped his "Starbung Coffee" signboard after Starbucks took him to court for trademark infringement, the defendant said on Thursday.

"We met halfway in an out-of-court settlement," said Damrong Maslee, a Bangkok street coffee vendor whose legal tussle with the United States multinational has brought him social media fame in Thailand.

Last month, a Thai law firm filed a complaint on behalf of Starbucks Coffee Company against Damrong, 44, for not complying with an injunction issued in 2012 to remove the "Starbung Coffee" logo from his sidewalk stall in the Thai capital.

The international coffee giant demanded compensation of 300,000 baht (US$9,700s), plus 30,000 baht a month in legal fees.


"They agreed to drop the demand for compensation, and I agreed to stop using a circular sign for my coffee shop logo," Damrong told dpa.

He has also changed the name of his sidewalk coffee shop to "Bung's Tears," showing a man in a Muslim cap crying.

"Bung" means brother in Malay.

Full Story: 'Starbung' coffee vendor settles trademark dispute out of court 

Source: Bangkok Post 


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