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Sri Lankan lay Catholics call for dress code

Short skirts, halter tops, low cut blouses and shorts not appropriate for Mass

Colombo Cathedral requires women to use a veil during Mass Colombo Cathedral requires women to use a veil during Mass
  • ucanews.com reporter, Colombo
  • Sri Lanka
  • January 20, 2011
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The Catholic National Association of Laity (CNAL) in Sri Lanka has backed calls for people of all faiths to dress modestly in places of worship.

CNAL is worried about the wearing of increasingly revealing clothing during church feasts, weddings and Sunday Masses.

In an appeal to worshippers, Victor Silva, secretary of CNAL, noted “with great sadness and dismay the unfortunate trend among some Catholic lay faithful to be dressed in an immodest and most disrespectful manner when participating in liturgical services, with scant attention to the sense of the sacred.”

Sri Lankan authorities have already ordered the pulling down of billboards featuring women showing extra cleavage or exposing thighs to advertise products or services.

The call by CNAL comes as part of a drive to have churchgoers dress appropriately during religious ceremonies.
Many Catholics have complained that churchgoers in Colombo turn up for services in short skirts, halter tops, low cut blouses and shorts.

The Sri Lankan government has set up a panel of different faiths to prepare a dress code for places of worship.

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