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'Sinful' clergy drive people away from Church, says cardinal

Dolan calls on Catholics to love the Church despite its flaws

'Sinful' clergy drive people away from Church, says cardinal
Stoyan Zaimov for Christian Post
United States

September 9, 2013

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New York Cardinal Timothy Dolan said that "sinful" clergy behavior is one of the main reasons people are leaving Roman Catholicism but called on believers to hold on to the Church despite its flaws, during a speaking engagement in Milwaukee, Wis., on Thursday.

"It's not a bad idea to fess up to the sinful side of the church," Dolan said, who is currently the president of the United States Conference of Catholic Bishops and served as Milwaukee Archbishop's between 2002 and 2009.

"In her human side, the church can be imperfect, sloppy and corrupt. We admit her flaws, but we love her all the more because she is Christ on the cross."

While he did not address specifics, Dolan noted that one of the biggest problems for the 1.3 billion member Church is dealing with the "sinful" behavior of clergy and other Church members, The Associated Press reported. He admitted that some Catholics have left the church because "they have been shocked, saddened and nauseated" by this "sinful behavior," and said that Catholics should not hide from that.

The NY Archbishop called on fellow believers, however, to defend the faith "from those who would take it from us."

"These liberators might be the late night talk show hosts, classmates of our kids ... or editorial page journalists who misunderstand the beauty of our Catholic faith," Dolan continued, according to the Journal Sentinel. "Are we prepared to engage them ... to live and die for the church? That, my friends, is apologetics. And that, my friends, we need more than ever."

Full Story: Cardinal Dolan Admits 'Sinful' Clergy Pushing People Away From Catholic Church 

Source: Christian Post

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