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Signs of discontent are appearing in North Korea

The protests and anti-government gestures are few and far between, but there seems little doubt that anger is starting to grow among the people of North Korea.

Signs of discontent are appearing in North Korea

February 15, 2012

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Major structures built to promote the personality cult of North Korea's Kim dynasty have been damaged as isolated pockets of resistance begin to grow, according to reports. A statue of Kim Jong-suk, former leader Kim Jong-il's mother, in Hoeryong, North Hamgyong Province was damaged in October and a monument in Pyongyang was destroyed in April last year.??Based on information from domestic and foreign intelligence agencies, Saenuri Party lawmaker Yoon Sang-hyun said on Sunday, "The Kim Jong-un regime has witnessed several events challenging the authority of regime founder Kim Il-sung and his family." A door of Mangyongdae, regime founder Kim Il-sung's birthplace in Pyongyang, was stolen in February last year. Mangyongdae is the most sacred place in the North. Minister of People's Security Ju Sang-song, the closest aide to Kim Jong-il, was suddenly fired in March, presumably taking the blame for this case. In September last year, graffiti reading "Hereditary succession is betrayal of socialism!" and "Down with Kim Jong-un!" were found at major universities and in market areas. A source familiar with North Korean affairs said, "Public security agencies were in an uproar in June last year after graffiti denouncing the Kim dynasty were found in some places at universities." Right after the incidents, the regime closed major universities for 10 months.??" Full Story: N. Korean Dynasty's Authority Challenged Source: Chosun Ilbo
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