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Shabhaz Bhatti killed by Al Qaeda

Alleged murderers traced to Dubai.

Shabhaz Bhatti killed by Al Qaeda

July 1, 2011

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Pakistani investigators believe that the late Minister for Minorities, Shabhaz Bhatti, was murdered by Al Qaeda who are now in Dubai. "The investigations into the murder of my brother Shabhaz are finally on the right track: it is the work carried out by the Taliban and Islamic fanatics. Now we are waiting for the capture of the perpetrators of the crime, who are in Dubai," Paul Bhatti, brother of the late minister, told Fides. "The Minister of Interior, Rehman Malik, has announced an international arrest warrant," Bhatti said in an interview in which he commented on the results of the inquiry on behalf of the Pakistani government regarding the culprits of the murder. The Commission of Inquiry organized by the Interior Minister announced that, according to investigations carried out, the murder was organized by the "Brigade 313" of Al Qaeda, known as "ghost army" and led by the Pakistani Taliban leader Ilyas Kashmiri. According to the report of the Commission, the group commissioned a commander of the Taliban in the province of Punjab, Asmatullah Mawaia, to eliminate the minister, the plan was then executed by elements of the extremist group 'Tehrik-e-Islami', along with a faction of the group 'Ghazi Force in Islamabad'," Bhatti said. "After the sidetracking of the inquiry and attempts of reducing the charge of murder due to personal enmity, slinging mud at my brother, the truth is emerging: we were convinced that he was killed for his commitment to human rights, the rights of Christians, for the brave denunciation against the blasphemy law. Now the investigation proves us right. We are hoping for a rapid conclusion, with the capture of the perpetrators of the crime. It would be a good sign for the health of the state of law in Pakistan. "To honor the memory of my brother - he concludes - we will continue his work and his mission, working for the protection of religious minorities throughout the country". The "Brigade 313" is the military organization of Al Qaeda in Pakistan and is responsible for numerous attacks, which contains Taliban and Islamic jihadist groups with different backgrounds such as: "Laskhar-e-Jhangvi", "Harkat-ul-Jihad-al-Islami", "Lashkar-e-Taiba", "Jaish-e-Mohammed" , "Jundallah" and others. According to some analysts, the brigade has infiltrated in the army and in the Pakistani intelligence services. SOURCE Paul Bhatti: "My brother Shabhaz killed by Al Qaeda Shabhaz: investigations finally on the right track" (Fides)
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