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Religious hatred begins in school, Pakistani students say Whats this?
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Christian family fled to Lahore to escape religious bullies but their problems caught up with them

Religious hatred begins in school, Pakistani students say

A file image of Pakistani schoolgirls attending class in a Karachi school. Some of Pakistan's public school textbooks have a strong Islamic orientation, while the country's religious minorities are either referenced derogatorily or omitted all together. (Photo by AFP) reporter, Karachi

September 15, 2016

Despite her fatigue Victoria (not her real name) somehow stumbled through her lesson at the local church school. Later the 45-year-old returned home to run her own informal academy to make ends meet. After that the Christian woman told her and her family's story.

Initially Victoria gazed into the distance as if grasping for something from the past. Then, as if pulling a thread, she started to speak. In 2013, they lived in Khanewal, a city in southern Punjab. She taught in a school and her husband ran a small shop. Everything was fine.

Her eldest son, Najam (all the names of the family have been changed) was in ninth grade. One afternoon, he returned from school mute and afraid. When Victoria asked him what was wrong, he said that he would not go to school any more.

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