Protester removes bishops' sign

Pro-bill activist surfaces again to tear down poster of bishops who may sue

Protester removes bishops' sign
Tour guide Carlos Celdran disrupting a prayer service inside the Manila Cathedral in September 2010 (file photo) reporters, Manila, Philippines

March 23, 2011

Tour guide Carlos Celdran has returned to disrupt the campaign of Filipino bishops against a draft law on reproductive health. Celdran, who made news for disrupting a prayer service last September, was caught by a CCTV camera while removing an anti-RH bill streamer saying 'Choose Life, No to RH/RP bill' outside the office of the Catholic bishops in Manila. He admitted “taking down an anti-RH sign” in a message posted on his Facebook account. “I’ll do it again. Stop getting involved in politics and spreading lies and I’ll stop ripping down your signs. That is all I have to say. If you have a copy of the video, please post,” he said. The CBCP secretariat said it is still consulting with the bishops whether or not to file charges against Celdran. Eric Manalang, president of Pro-life Philippines, said such behavior by Celdran should be corrected “before it gets worse.” “If Celdran wants to express his sentiments, he should do it in a decent way and not by destroying and stealing private property,” Manalang said. PM13730.1646