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Protest rally turns violent outside US Embassy in Manila

Police arrest more than 30 protesters, including some tribal leaders

October 19, 2016

A protest rally outside the U.S. Embassy in Manila turned violent after policemen reportedly fired tear gas and used a police van to repeatedly ram into protesters, mostly tribal people, on Oct. 19.

Protest organizers told that at least 50 protesters were hurt. At least three people were rushed to a hospital after being run over by the police vehicle.

Police arrested 31 protesters, including some of their leaders.

The violence occurred as about a thousand protesters gathered outside the embassy to call for an end to the presence of American troops in the country.

The embassy incident followed the dispersal of another protest rally outside the Philippines military headquarters in Manila on Oct. 18.

The protesters, who were part of the national caravan of some 6,000 tribal people, were demanding government troops pull out from indigenous communities.

Representatives of tribal communities from around the Philippines are in Manila this week to dramatize their call to drop trumped-up charges against some 200 tribal minority rights advocates and to urge state-security forces to stop committing abuses against tribal minorities.



Protesters clash with policemen during the violent dispersal outside the U.S. Embassy in Manila on Oct. 19. (Photo by Kathy Yamzon)

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