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Prelate wants Ramadan tolerance

August 1, 2011

Archbishop Petrus Turang of Kupang, capital of the predominantly Protestant province of East Nusa Tenggara, has called on local people to show tolerance to Muslims undergoing Ramadan, an Islamic fasting month which began today. “During this Ramadan, people in East Nusa Tenggara must be able to show their tolerance and maintain togetherness and solemnity so that Muslims can undergo their fasting month until the Id al-Fitr,” the prelate told hundreds of civil servants attending a July 29 ecumenical faith formation program in Kupang. He said that inter-religious harmony in the province must be always maintained and local people should play an active role in developing it. He went on saying: “I always say the majority has its meaning if it can protect the minority. So let us make it real in this province. Hope others can follow us.” Similar appeal came from Governor Fransiskus Lebu Raya, a Catholic. According to him, this nation has basic characteristics namely friendly, harmony, cooperation and mutual respect. “With these, this nation can build peace,” he said. He also asked local people to create a peaceful situation during Ramadan so that Muslims can undergo their fasting month solemnly.
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