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Philippine bishop moves to cut drug-war casualties Whats this?
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Novaliches Diocese opens rehabilitation centers, provides help to addicts wanting to surrender to police

Philippine bishop moves to cut drug-war casualties

Bishop Antonio Tobias of Novaliches shares a light moment with Police Senior Superintendent Guillermo Lorenzo Eleazar during the anti-illegal drugs summit in Quezon City on Sept. 9. (Photo by Mark Saludes)


A Catholic bishop in Manila has taken a step forward to lessen the growing number of casualties in the Philippine government's anti-narcotics war.

The prelate, along with civil society and church groups gathered for a meeting on Sept. 9 with government officials to map out a "unified, concrete, and humane" response to the war against illegal drugs.

"It is important to have concrete actions to address the drug problems of this country," said Bishop Antonio Tobias of Novaliches.

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