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Parents check for sharp edges as kids move to uni

Parents of Chinese students enrolled in Taiwan's universities are overprotective, possibly a result of the one-child policy, said university officials - one of whom suggests a future guidelines for protective parents, reports the Central News Agency.

Screenshot from the Central News Agency report on Focus Taiwan News Channel Screenshot from the Central News Agency report on Focus Taiwan News Channel
  • Taiwan
  • September 13, 2011
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Fu Jen Catholic University in Taiwan said 57 Chinese students enrolled there this year, but more protective parents than students actually arrived at the school for the orientation period. Other Taiwan universities are also reporting Chinese parents displaying "anxious mindsets", according to the Central News Agency.

The high level of protectiveness shown by the parents could be the result of China's one-child policy, university officials said.

Shih Hsin University officials found a similar trend, saying that contrary to their previous image of being independent and articulate, the Chinese students relied heavily on their parents.

The Chinese parents have checked every corner of the campus, looking for places where students could possibly suffer from injuries, the Fu Jen Catholic University said.

Among things the parents paid attention to include: the size of beds and closets, sharp edges in the dorm rooms and cafeteria hygiene. Other worries include political tensions between Taiwan and China.

Yuan Ze University President Tsong P. Perng said that while the universities were dealing with Chinese parents for the first time, they could in future set up guidelines for protective parents.


Parents of Chinese students in Taiwan give schools new challenge (Focus Taiwan News Channel/Central News Agency)
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