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Nuclear reactor restarted despite protests correspondent, Tokyo

July 2, 2012

Japan yesterday restarted its first nuclear reactor since last year’s Fukushima meltdown, despite growing public anger at the move. At least 650 people gathered near the No 3 reactor at the Ohi plant, in Fukui prefecture over the weekend with around 100 of them attempting to block the plant's main gate. On Friday, demonstrators, including Catholic groups, gathered outside the prime minister’s official residence to protest the restart which ended a two month hiatus without nuclear power. Organizers claimed around 200,000 people were at the protest, while police put the number at 20,000. All of Japan’s remaining 50 nuclear power plants have been shut down since May for maintenance work, prompted by the Fukushima accident following last year’s quake and tsunami. Demonstrations have taken place outside the residence each weekend since the end of March.
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