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Museum opens in 'Vatican of the Philippines' reporter, Ilocos Norte

November 5, 2012

A convent in Bacarra town in Ilocos Norte province has been converted into a Catholic museum. Bacarra is "the "not-so-known Vatican of the Philippines and the tourism capital of the province," organizer Henedina Afaga said during the opening of the Museo de Bacarra last week. She said that by establishing the museum, Ilocos Norte "regains its lost glory as an eco-cultural destination." Residents there take pride in having produced the most Catholic priests since the time of Spanish colonization. Bacarra was a center of early "Catholization" of the country and a mission hub of various reformist clergies. Housed at the two-story convent of St. Andrew the Apostle, adjacent to the church and bell tower, the museum boasts artifacts and mementos donated by parishioners as well as old documents, including baptismal certificates that date back to 1702.
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