Mainland students favor Catholic study

Mainland students favor Catholic study
Fu Jen Catholic University
Francis Kuo, Tainan, Taiwan

June 22, 2011

Fu Jen Catholic University in New Taipei city has become a favored destination for students from China seeking educational opportunities outside the mainland. More than 2,000 students from mainland China have recently applied to 87 universities in Taiwan, with 1,742 registrations already confirmed, according to a joint students’ recruitment commission in Taipei. This is the first year that students from the mainland have been permitted to apply to universities in Taiwan. About 560 students have applied to Fu Jen, though only 40 will be accepted. Two other Catholic universities – Providence University in central Taichung and Wenzao Ursuline College of Foreign Languages in southern Kaohsiung – are also accepting applications, though they have similarly low rates of acceptance. Related report German missionary improves learning