Jesuits help kids find their direction

Jesuits help kids find their direction
Jesuit Father Bonaventure Yu Shi-chan is giving a lecture to youth
John Won, Seoul, Korea

March 7, 2011

A new Jesuit forum is aimed at helping wandering youth in a competitive society find their true self and ways of life. Local Jesuits organized the Catholic Youth Talk on March 5 at Jesuit Apostolic Center in Seoul to help youth have healthy life spiritually by communicating between the Church and youth. It will be held monthly until December. Ahead of the talk, Jesuit Father Bonaventure Yu Shi-chan, chairman of the board of Sogang University, gave a lecture “A voice of the inner side” to some 80 participants. Father Yu said youth should find a way of life consistently by listening to a voice of inner side. After the talk, youths discussed personal reflections and how to live in the future in groups. Agnes Jo Hyeon-ji said: “I had wandered in life day by day but the forum encouraged me through sharing other experiences of life.” Jesuit Father Joseph Choe Song-yong, who planned the forum, said: “Youth will prepare and lead the upcoming talk.” He said that Jesuits conducted a survey among to students of Sogang University on what theme they would like to talk or discuss. According to a result of the survey, “the youth want to have sincere relationship with other young people. Thus we have decided subjects of the talk, such as identity and relationship, a purpose and a way of life, life and sex.”he added. KO13539.1644