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Inspiring new video shows how to be a good altar server

Monsignor Pope has warm words of praise for this newly released video.

Inspiring new video shows how to be a good altar server
Monsignor Charles Pope International

January 22, 2013

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This video was sent to me today and I want to say that I find it beautiful.

What makes the video so good is that it inspires a spirituality for the server that includes some of the following encouragement and advisement:

That the Mass is mystical, beyond mere human sight, and that the server must learn to be sensitive to what lives beyond ordinary perception and become more spiritually aware.

In so doing he should lead others to greater reverence by the example of supreme awareness of the presence of God.

He should also, by his reverence  lead others to understand that what takes place on the altar is the making present of the most important moment in all of human history.

The Altar server also provides practical leadership for the congregation as to when to sit, stand and kneel.

Even the folded hands, pointed upward are meant to direct attention upward to God.

The manner of his clothing (e.g. dress shoes, pressed trousers etc) are meant to and ought to show that what he is doing is a matter of utmost seriousness and importance.

Our body, (posture etc) and our clothing impact our disposition, so all we do should be to help our hearts worship, and lead others to the same.

Prayer, especially the rosary, is a good way to prepare one’s heart to be a better server.

The goal is to have your heart in the right place.

A couple of other things I like about the video, that the man interviewed models a piety that is serious but not somber looking. Not everyone gets this balance right, and some who are trying to look prayerful merely look sad, angry, or bored. But the man in this video shows an appropriate balance, a kind of natural and serene sobriety well suited to the Mass.

The images throughout the video are also beautiful and the photography is wonderful.

Full Story: An Inspiring and Beautiful Video for Altar Servers 

Source: Archdiocese of Washington

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