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Indonesian president needs to prioritize human rights in Papua Whats this?
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Joko Widodo’s attempt to improve Papua with infrastructure and investment is missing the point

Indonesian president needs to prioritize human rights in Papua

Papuan Christians take part in a religious festival to showcase their culture in Semarang, in this file photo. Indonesian authorities are frequently accused of repressive measures in Papua and West Papua provinces, where there has been a long-simmering independence movement. ( photo) 

Indonesian President Joko Widodo’s development of Papua needs more emphasis on human rights, according to activists. 

Father Neles Tebay, a Papuan activist priest said that in the two years since Widodo took office he has not brought any significant improvement in human rights.

\"The president presented a new paradigm in dealing with Papua by using welfare and various infrastructure projects, such as the construction of rail, bridges and highways that cost trillions of rupiah,\" he said.

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