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India's vice president asks students to get involved in politics

Pupils respond by telling Hamid Ansari that the political profession is one 'without morals'

September 16, 2016

India's Vice President Hamid Ansari told students at a Jesuit-run school in eastern Bihar state that the country will have morally upright politicians only if good students take an interest in politics.

"The country needs good and upright politicians; where will they come from if none of you is willing to opt for it?" Ansari asked while having a formal interaction with students of St. Michael's School in the state capital Patna on Sept. 9.

In his 25-minute interaction, Ansari spoke to nearly 3,000 students on issues of national importance and conveyed what he said is the key to success: "Study well, but don't forget to play as well."

A student told Ansari that politics has become a profession "without morals" and students like him would "serve the nation in whatever profession we choose."

The vice president stressed that politics and morality are complementary and that the Indian Constitution dwells upon it at length. He wanted the students to read the preamble of the charter to "know the mind of the constitution."

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