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Indian city limps back to normalcy after rioting over water Whats this?
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Violent protests over river water sharing between two southern states left Bangalaru city in the grips of widespread rioting

Indian city limps back to normalcy after rioting over water

A pedestrian walks past the skeletal remains of a Karnataka state transport bus following violence due to the Cauvery water dispute, in Bangalore on September 13, 2016. (Photo by AFP) 

The southern Indian city of Bangalaru is limping back to normality after violent protests killed at least two people, destroyed property and forced commerce to cease.

Thousands of protesters flooded the streets to oppose Karnataka state's decision to open a dam and let extra water flow into neighboring Tamil Nadu. They set vehicles from the state on fire, blocked roads and mobbed government buildings. The deaths resulted from clashes with police who confronted mobs with tear gas and batons.

Protests began to spread after India’s Supreme Court asked the Karnataka government to release water to Tamil Nadu on Sept. 5 provoking a century-old dispute over who can access the Cauvery River. The river originates in Karnataka, flows through Tamil Nadu and into the Bay of Bengal. 

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